ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoe Review

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There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised. 

What We Tried:

The ECCO Classic Hybrid golf shoe. A departure from ECCO’s typical performance golf shoes, the Classic Hybrid takes a more traditional approach to the golf shoe. Don’t worry, it’s still packed with ECCO’s tech. More on that later.

Who Tried It:

Connor. Director of Soft Goods Testing and resident sneakerhead. I believe golf is better with a pair of cool shoes and comfortable joggers.

ECCO Classic Hybrid: First Impressions

Ecco Classic Hybrid golf shoe

The Classic Hybrid doesn’t look anything like your typical ECCO golf shoes. I’ve always considered ECCO’s mainline BIOM golf shoes to be very modern, almost futuristic, looking. In this regard, the ECCO Classic Hybrid is the antithesis of “modern”. Sleek, calculated curves and edges are replaced by a classic dress shoe look and feel. 

The premium materials and luxury aesthetic are apparent but how’s the performance? Don’t worry, we’ll get there. That said, my first impressions of the ECCO Classic Hybrid are favorable. I’m generally not a traditional golf shoe guy but something about the quilted leather upper is calling my name. 

The Good

Ecco Classic Hybrid top view

Let’s start with my favorite part of the ECCO Classic Hybrid: the materials. The shoe is made from premium leather through and through. From the buttery soft upper (that breaks in perfectly, I might add) to the leather sock liner and insole, the Classic Hybrid feels premium. 

Speaking of materials, the leather upper is coated in ECCO’s HYDROMAX technology. Even after nine holes in the rain, my feet were dry. It’s not the same level of water resistance that ECCO’s GORE-TEX offerings bring but they held up remarkably well. 

Let’s talk about comfort. The premium leathers used to construct the Classic Hybrid lend themselves well to the overall comfort of the shoe. As mentioned, the upper breaks in quickly which provides a soft feel while walking (no awkward creasing). As far as step-in comfort, most of it comes from the removable insole. While the cushion as a whole is on the firm side, the overall comfort was commendable. 

The Average

I’m going to nitpick for a second because that’s what I do. For a golf shoe that’s billed as a traditionally styled shoe, the ECCO Classic Hybrid lacked some of the rigidity and stability you’d find in something like a FootJoy. Was it unstable? Absolutely not. But, overall, the shoe needed something more rigid in the midfoot section to stop it from twisting while I was swinging. 

I also wish the insole was glued in place. I know that removable insoles are ECCO’s thing because they allow for extra width (or for use with your own custom orthotics) but I found the insole tended to move in the heel section during my downswing. If it had been glued, this would not have been an issue. 

The Bad

Traction of the ECCO Classic Hybrid

The only thing I’d change about the ECCO Classic Hybrid is the traction. Mind you, it performed fine in dry conditions. However, in wet conditions, I found it incredibly difficult to swing freely. Not only did I lose control of my feet but I started to lose confidence in my swing because I couldn’t find firm footing.

If traction is your top priority, I’d stick with some of ECCO’s spiked models, like the BIOM G5

The Need to Know

If you live in North America, you must realize that, due to ECCO’s EU sizing, it can be hard to dial in your fit. When in doubt, opt for a size down from your normal. 

ECCO Classic Hybrid: Out of Their Comfort Zone

Overall, the ECCO Classic Hybrid didn’t blow me away. That said, I wasn’t particularly underwhelmed, either. This spikeless golf shoe strikes the middle ground between fashion and performance. I love the materials and comfort but found the traction to be no more than an afterthought. 

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