WWE SmackDown Results Coverage, Reactions and Highlights For July 7, 2023

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Coming to you live on Friday Nights, it’s WWE SmackDown and Ringside News has got you covered with live results.

Start time for SmackDown is 8:00 PM EST Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

SmackDown tonight will feature a “Trial of the Tribal Chief” as Roman Reigns appears live after suffering his first pin fall defeat since 2019 as last week’s Money in the Bank.

Also scheduled for SmackDown tonight is Austin Theory defending his United States Championship against Sheamus as well as AJ Styles going one on one with Karrion Kross.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown opens up with a video package recapping Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa cs The Usos from Money in the bank last week, with the video package with Reigns being pinned by Jey Uso leaving Reigns to scream in agony outside the ring.

SmackDown begins live in the legendary Madison Square Garden with The Usos making their way out to the ring. The Usos celebrate their victory last Saturday before they are interrupted by Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa coming down to the ring.

Heyman begins to speak but is cut off by The usos telling him to shut up. Heyman says there’s only one man in WWE who can tell him when to stop talking, Sikoa then grabs the mic from Heyman’s hands and tosses it out of the ring. Following this Roman Reigns’ music hits and Reigns then walks down to the ring, all alone as the trial of Roman Reigns comes up next.

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SmackDown returns live with Reigns in the ring. Heyman hands Reigns a mic as the crowd chants “you got pinned” to visible frustration from Reigns. Reigns tells the crowd to acknowledge him and acknowledges his defeat at Money in the Bank. Reigns says that he’s still the tribal chief. Reigns says the crowd isn’t talking to The Usos when they chant ‘tribal chief” Reigns says Jey isn’t the tribal chief…yet. Reigns says if he himself did not call for tribal court, this is not official and that this is a waste of his time. Reigns asks who has the authority to put him on trial. Jimmy Uso responds by saying not this time. Jey says Reigns will not be able to manipulate them, Jey references a video package that shows:

Exhibit A: A video of Reigns verbally and physically abusing both The Usos as well as Paul Heyman and then even Solo Sikoa.

The video is shown and we cut to Reigns at first in disappointment but then with a smile on his face. Reigns’ smile fades and Reigns says that’s not who he is, that’s who he was forced to be. Reigns says he never wanted to do all of that and that he did it for all of them. Reigns snaps at the crowd and says he was a WrestleMania main even long before the bloodline, and that he stuck his neck out for everyone else and this is how they treat him. Reigns says he puts the weight of the world on his shoulders, he puts his family as well as everyone else’s and he lifts them up. Reigns says he doesn’t need this anymore and simply that he’s done with all of them.

Reigns drops the mic and stares down Jey as he takes the Tribal Chief Lei off his shoulders and places his on Jey Uso as tears fall from Reigns’ face. Reigns then takes off his title belt and throws it aside as Heyman screams no. Then Roman Reigns drops to his knees in tears in front of Jey.

Jey looks distraught and then Reigns hits a low blow to Jey. Jimmy Uso then attacks Reigns before Sikoa steps in to toss Jimmy aside. Sikoa stands over the Lei as the crowd begins to erupt at the sight. Sikoa hits Jimmy with a Samoan Spike and Sikoa picks up the Lei, looks at it which causes Reigns to rise from the corner, Sikoa then hands the Lei to Reigns.

Jey Uso jumps in to attack Reings and Sikoa from behind. Sikoa eventually grabs Jey and slams him to the mat. Reigns hits Jimmy with a Superman punch and tosses Jimmy out of the ring. Sikoa clears off the announce table as Jey runs out to help Jimmy. Sikoa ties Jey’s arms up in the ring ropes to trap him staring at the announce table. Reigns grabs his title belt and hits Jimmy in the face with it repeatedly as Jey watches on. Reigns then attacks Jimmy with the steel steps. Jey Uso is eventually able to break free and Jey goes after Reigns before being grabbed and hit with a Samoan Spike from Sikoa. Reigns tells Sikoa to finish them. Sikoa places Jimmy on the announce table and then Sikoa stands on top of the barricade and hits a splash to Jimmy through the table.

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SmackDown returns live with WWE officials placing Jimmy Uso in an ambulance as Jey Uso follows his brother.

United States Championship: Austin Theory vs Sheamus

Our opening championship match begins with Sheamus driving Theory to the corner and hitting a series of strikes. Theory hits a big boot but Sheamus counters with an Irish curse back breaker. Sheamus knocks Theory out of the ring and Sheamus hits a diving forearm strike from off the top to Theory outside the ring.

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The match continues live with Theory grabbing Sheamus on the ring apron and theory hits with three beats of the Bodhran before Sheamus counters with a back elbow strike. Sheamus launches himself over the top rope into Theory and Sheamus climbs up top and hits a knee drop from the top and Sheamus covers for two. Theory springs off the ropes to hit a running elbow strike. Theory climbs up top but Sheamus hits an uppercut. Sheamus then climbs up top and picks Theory up but Theory breaks free and grabs Sheamus off the ropes and plants him with a power slam, Theory then covers for two.

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Our opening title match continues with Sheamus hitting a lariat in the corner and following with a back breaker. Sheamus goes for the Celtic cross but Theory breaks free. Theory rolls forward and pops up but is planted with a power bomb. Pretty Deadly run out to the ring to cause a distraction, Sheamus grabs Elton Prince and hits the 10 beats of the bodhran. Sheamus is then hit with a drop kick by Theory. Theory goes for the A-town down but Sheamus escapes and hits a running knee. Butch and Ridge Holland run out, Kit Wilson gets on the apron and Sheamus hits Wilson with a brogue kick. Theory takes advantage and gets a roll up with the tights pulled for the three count.

Winner: Austin Theory

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SmackDown returns live with Grayson Waller in the ring for tonight’s edition of the Grayson Waller Effect. Waller introduces his guest for tonight: The Rated R Superstar Edge who makes his way out to the ring (Edge if you’re reading this please unblock me on Twitter I love you and have literally never said anything bad about you)

Waller tells Edge to cut to the chase for his big announcement. Waller says Edge is too embarrassed to say it, but Waller asks Edge why he’s back in WWE. Edge says its because of the fans. Edge gets up and talks directly to the New York crowd. Edge references SummerSlam 98 from Madison Square Garden. Edge says that New York is full of hard workers and big dreamers. Waller interrupts and says that Edge is out here to announce his retirement to which Edge looks mortifies to hear. Edge says that last week Waller stood eye to eye with John Cena and this week he’s in the ring with Edge. Edge says that he has put himself in deep water, Edge says that he talked to management, and he’s going to have a match tonight, and his opponent is Grayson Waller and tells Waller it’s sink or swim tonight, Edge leaves the ring as Waller looks visibly unnerved by this.

AJ Styles then makes his way out to the ring along with Michin for his upcoming match against Karrion Kross.

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AJ Styles vs Karrion Kross

The match begins with Kross hitting a big lariat. Kross hits the Kross hammer and Kross them goes for the Kross jacket but Styles breaks free and ducks a lariat and follows with the Pele kick to Kross. Styles hits a forearm and goes to the apron but Scarlett hangs on to Styles’ leg to stop him before Michin takes out Scarlett. Styles is able to hit the Phenomenal forearm and covers for three.

Winner: AJ Styles

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SmackDown returns with WWE Women’s Champion Asuka in the ring. Asuka says nobody is ready for her, Bianca belair’s music hits and Belair runs out to the ring to start a brawl with Asuka. Charlotte Flair then runs out to go after Belair. Iyo Sky then runs out to the ring to attack Bayley. Sky hits the moonsault and Bayley goes to hand the money in the Bank case to the ref but Belair pulls Bayley out of the ring. Charlotte Flair then hits Sky with a big boot in the ring. Asuka manages to escape the ring with her title over her shoulder.

Edge makes his way out to the ring for his match with Grayson Waller up next.

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Edge vs Grayson Waller

The match begins with a lock up. Waller taunts to the crowd and Edge hits a big shoulder tackle. Edge hits a gut wrench suplex. Waller goes up against the ropes and as Edge backs away Waller hits with a sucker punch. Edge grabs Waller and hits a fall away slam. Edge goes to the corner and goes for a spear but Waller counters with a knee strike and Waller tosses Edge out of the ring. Waller slides out of the ring and hits a lariat.

*Commercial break*

The match continues live with Waller hitting a tornado DDT from the middle rope, Waller covers for a two count. Waller hits a series of strikes to Edge on the mat while continuing to taunt Edge and the crowd. Waller goes up top but Edge runs up to grab Waller and go for a superplex but Waller sends Edge crashing to the mat. Waller goes for a splash but Edge brings his knees up to counter. Edge hits a big boot. Waller rolls to the apron and Edge slides out of the ring and plants Waller with a power bomb off the apron to the outside. Edge climbs to the top rope and hits a flying cross body, Edge covers for a two count. Waller hits a big boot in the corner and then flips over Edge’s back to hit an unprettier that Christian would approve of.

Waller hits a spinning right hand strike and makes the cover for a close two count. Edge plants Waller with an Edgecution DDT that get him a two count. Edge goes to the corner but Waller avoids the spear and Waller goes for the rolling stunner but Edge counters in mid air with a spear, Edge covers for three.

Winner: Edge

After the bell Edge grabs a mic, Edge says that he swam tonight and Edge tosses the mic aside and leaves the ring.

We cut to backstage where Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that Jey Uso is back at Madison Square Garden and Jey is looking for Reigns. Reigns says he wont have to look for long, because he will be in the ring.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns live with Roman Reigns in the ring along with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Heyman hands Reigns a mic and Reigns again tells Madison Square Garden to acknowledge him. The Usos’ music hits and Jey walks out through the crowd. Sikoa leaves the ring and Key hops over the barricade right onto Sikoa. Jey takes out Sikoa and grabs a chair and runs into the ring to hit Reigns with the chair. Sikoa takes the chair from Jey but Jey hits with a super kick. Reigns escapes the ring as Jey hits Sikoa with a chair again and again as Reigns and Heyman look on from the top of the ramp. Jey grabs Reigns’ title belt left behind in the ring and Jey says it trial by combat now, Jey calls out Reigns for a one on one match and throws the title to the mat as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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