Will Aaron Rodgers be the same player after the Achilles rupture?

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When the Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers, the team was finally looked at as a real Super Bowl contender. Their defense was legit last season and all they needed was some above-average QB play. Rodgers was more than capable of providing that. However, his 2023 season lasted just four plays. 

The 39-year-old was sacked on Monday Night Football and ruptured his Achilles. Rodgers had to be carted off the field and his season was over after that happened. While this is not what anyone wanted, the four-time league MVP says he’s not done playing for the Jets. He had a successful surgery to repair his Achilles tendon and wants to return in 2024.

Aaron Rodgers was ‘heartbroken’ when he found out he’d miss the entire 2023 season

On Google, it says that a normal Achilles rupture takes anywhere from 4-6 months to return to normal activity. Playing in the NFL is more than just a normal activity. Rodgers’ rehab process could be longer than that. Additionally, he’s 39 right now and will turn 40 at the start of December. However, he made public comments saying that he “shall rise yet again”.

His surgery was done by Dr. ElAttrache out of Los Angeles. He is an orthopedic surgeon who has worked with a number of pro athletes in the past. In his Instagram post after the procedure, Rodgers called Dr. ElAttrache “the goat.” Ir won’t be an easy road back to playing, but Rodgers is not going to let an injury end his career.

With Rodgers out for the season, the Jets are right back where they were last season. Zach Wilson is the team’s starting QB moving forward. However, reports around the NFL say that the Jets are looking to see what veteran QBs are available. They are doing this because their team has that much potential this season. New York has a championship-caliber defense and needs an offense that can help them win games. It would be shocking to see Wilson start the remaining 16 games on the Jets’ schedule.