TripleMania Is Another Chance To Put Myself On The Map

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Kenny Omega is excited to return to AAA this weekend for TripleMania XXXI.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Kenny Omega recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his upcoming match with El Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania XXXI this Saturday night, Omega said he’s going to give Vikingo another taste of what he got earlier this year on Dynamite.

“I’m going to Vikingo’s home turf, I’ll refamiliarize myself with that six-sided ring, and I’m going to give him another taste of what he received on Dynamite,” Kenny Omega said. “This is another chance to put myself on the map, and take someone else with me.”

When asked if he anticipates being booed or cheered in his title match against Vikingo, Omega said he’ll go along with whatever the crowd dictates on Saturday night.

“The fans will dictate how they want me to react,” Kenny Omega said. “It’s similar to the last time I was in Chicago. I’m not planning that out. It doesn’t work that way, not for me, anyway. If the fans are hyper-into Vikingo, and I’m the scourge of the seas, so be it. Then I’m going to lean into that even more. I’ll make you love him even more, hate me even more, and that’s something I love doing.”

Omega also took the time to put over the lucha libre style and how it transcends the sport itself. The Best Bout Machine believes he and Vikingo will take the fans on quite the ride this weekend.

“There are still a portion of fans who discredit the lucha libre style,” Kenny Omega said. “To them, maybe it’s too flippy or fast or looks like gymnastics. But this is an art form. Culturally, it’s very significant to the people of Mexico. The style transcends the sport itself, and it is so prominent there. Lucha libre is the preferred form of professional wrestling in Mexico. So I know fans there are going to appreciate the ride we’re taking them on.”

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What do you make of Kenny Omega’s comments? Are you looking forward to his match against El Hijo del Vikingo this weekend at TripleMania XXXI? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.