Tim Bradley: “Terence Crawford Would Beat Floyd Mayweather”

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FightHype’s Sean Zittel recently caught up with Hall of Famer Tim Bradley, a retired professional boxer and a true student of the sport, this is what Bradley had to say:

“Terence Crawford would beat Floyd Mayweather.” Bradley stated. His belief in Crawford’s abilities is grounded in his observations from over five years ago.

“I’m telling you right now, he would beat him… Crawford, a Master thinker just like Floyd, has the advantage that he not only can fight Orthodox but is versatile and can fight in the southpaw stance.”

Bradley acknowledged the challenges that Crawford could pose to Mayweather:

“What happens when you have a guy just as smart as you are and able to make adjustments like Crawford? A guy that’s powerful, quick, and strong like Crawford? A guy that can fight you in the pocket?”

Mayweather’s superb defensive mastery and agility were not lost on Bradley. He recognizes the legendary boxer’s impressive accomplishments:

“Floyd is one of my favorite fighters of all time. He’s a fantastic fighter… Floyd, a defensive Master with great feet, quickness, and agility, would undoubtedly be Crawford’s toughest opponent.”

Bradley’s expert opinion leans towards Crawford’s victory in a hypothetical fight between the two in their prime. He emphasizes the skills that would give Crawford an edge, such as his ability to “bust through” Mayweather’s defenses:

“I just think that he’ll have enough to beat Floyd… He’ll have enough to gain respect and hurt Floyd too. Crawford, when he touches you, you’re gonna feel it.”

A big factor in Bradley’s analysis is the value of timing over speed:

“Timing has a way of beating speed… Crawford has timing. So Floyd could have all the speed in the world, quickness, but the timing of Crawford is what’s different.”

Bradley also discusses specific strategies and patterns that he believes Crawford would use to defeat Mayweather’s famous Philly Shell defense:

“Crawford knows how to exit the weak side… If Floyd turns out, Crawford will be there to strike. Timing is what’s different.”

Despite his endorsement of Crawford, Bradley also highlights Mayweather’s unique athleticism as a potential obstacle:

“His movements, from another galaxy, will give Terence a few issues. I think his feet are a bit faster than Terence, and he’ll be able to lure in Crawford, make him make mistakes, and be able to counter.”

“Crawford would win a decision, a close decision. I don’t think he knocks him out, but I think he’ll win a close decision. I want to know what everybody else thinks.”

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