Shelton Benjamin Got Viscera’s Blessing To Dye His Hair For The Gold Standard

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Shelton Benjamin enjoyed quite a bit of success as the Gold Standard version of his character in WWE.

WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked about the Gold Standard version of his character, Benjamin revealed that Viscera gave him his blessing to dye his hair for the character.

“I had been toying with the idea of dyeing my hair because they put us; they reformed World’s Greatest tag team,” Shelton Benjamin recalled. “And while Charlie, I love Charlie to death, he’s my brother, best friend. But at a time, I tasted single success to me going back into the tag team stepped backwards. And so, I was thinking, okay, what can I change about myself? What can I add to make myself that basically changed up made myself more interesting and more marketable?

“But I didn’t want to do anything so drastic that if I didn’t like it, I couldn’t kind of morph back. I thought about dyeing my hair blonde, but I always held off. Because, at the time, Viscera still had the blonde Mohawk, you know, so for me, that would be encroaching on his gimmick.

Ask For Forgiveness Instead Of Permission

“So when he became Big Daddy V, and you know, at this time now  I’m in a tag team, and I went to him, I said, Hey, I think I dye my hair blonde, do you mind? He was like; I don’t care. I’m not doing blonde anymore, like knock it knock yourself out.

“So because I had his blessing, I was like, Okay, and what finally, what finally made me pull the trigger on it. I don’t even think he knows this, but Stone Cold had addressed the talent, you know, talking about, you know, come out of your shell, working hard to be a star, like taking risks and all these things.

“And it was that day like, I’m listening to Stone Cold, and I’m going I think there was a hint of asking for forgiveness, not permission. That day, I was like, I walked out of the meeting, I went to one of the girls, that’s hair like, Hey, would you bleach my hair for me? And I bleached it.”

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