Shakur Stevenson Too Talented For Frank Martin Says Andre Rozier

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Trainer Andre Rozier believes Shakur Stevenson has too much talent for Frank Martin to contend with and will defeat him when the two meet on ESPN for the vacant WBC lightweight title on November 16 or December 9.

Martin has the power to override Shakur’s skills, but he’s got to find a way to consistently land because this fight could be a hit-and-run type contest.

Rozier thinks that Skakur (20-0, 10 KOs) has enough boxing skills to move up to 147 and still fight well, but he feels that will be his ceiling.

Going further than that at 154 would be risky because those guys are bringing it. How Stevenson, 26, deals with the power of the 28-year-old Martin (18-0, 12 KOs) will be a good test of whether he can one day move up to 140 & 147.

For now, Shakur is satisfied with staying at 135 because he aims to land a big money fight against Gervonta Davis. If that fight doesn’t happen in two or three years, moving up in weight would be a good idea for Shakur.

“Shakur & Devin, they’re both talented fighters. On any given night, one of them could be the winner,” said Andre Rozier to Fighthype about Devin Haney & Shakur Stevenson.

“Two taleented fighters. When they do eventually fight each other, if they do, I’ll be sitting ringside, and I’ll be as neutral as when you put your car in gear.”

At this point, the only way a fight between Haney & Shakur takes place is if they meet at 140. Right now, Stevenson doesn’t want to move up in weight because he knows that returning to the 135-lb vision will be difficult.

“I think Frank [Martin] is going to bring some goods to the table, but nonetheless, but Shakur has the tools to dictate the policy, and I think that’s what he’ll do in that fight. He’ll dictate the policy to a smooth twelve unanimous decision,” said Rozier.

“I think Frank is going to try and make him work, but once Shakur gets into gear and he starts feeling his flow and that rhythm hits, he’s just going to be boxing his way to victory.

“No, he would try, but it’s just too much of everything that he would have to contend with, and that will be his shortcoming,” said Rozier about Shakur Stevenson being too much for Frank Martin.

“If I would have to call it, I would say maybe 147. No further than that in that point in time,” Rozier said when asked what the upper weight limit for as high as Shakur can go in his career beyond the 135-lb division.

“Those guys [at 154] are really bringing it, even though he’s a skilled tactician, I think it would be enough. 147 is as high as he should go,” said Rozier.

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