Seth Rollins Believes WWE Is The Biggest It’s Ever Been Right Now

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Seth Rollins is undoubtedly one of the top stars in WWE right now, and he has gone through numerous changes in the past few years. His accolades speak for themselves and he continues to be one of the most hard-working talent in the company. Now it appears he believes WWE is the biggest it has ever been right now.

The SAG-AFTRA decided to join the Writers Guild of America on the picket line last week, which has dominated headlines due to the serious nature and ramifications of the entire movement.

On the other hand, WWE has no such union. In fact, WWE has seen a ton of growth over the course of a year, especially due to their immense success as far as Premium Live Event is concerned.

While speaking to TMZ Sports, Seth Rollins noted that he sides with them but thinks WWE is getting a boost from all the casual fans. Rollins stated that he believes WWE is the biggest it has ever been right now.

“I mean, silver lining for us, I suppose, you know, it’s a difficult time for the actors and the writers. I believe they’re doing the right thing, asking for what they deserve. I stand by them. But it is a fortunate part of not being part of a union that we are able to still perform, and for our audiences and people who may not be familiar, now they get an opportunity to tune in and see what we are all About. Yeah. I mean, we’ve never been hotter businesses. The biggest it’s ever been, the talent across the board is the best it’s ever been. The business is hot right now. We’re in a boom. I think when we look back on it, it’s gonna be a special time. Totally.”

WWE also has major plans for Seth Rollins as far as his SummerSlam opponent is concerned. Regardless, we will have to wait and see how WWE will continue to book Rollins and Finn Balor’s feud in the coming weeks.

What’s your take on what Seth Rollins said? Are you enjoying his current reign as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Let us know in the comments!