Road Dogg Explains Logic Behind When WWE Uses Finn Balor’s ‘Demon’ Persona

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Finn Balor’s “Demon” persona is something that he typically only brings out for special occasions, an alter ego he has created that allows him to tap into a different side of himself. Whenever it appears, Balor is normally more aggressive and dominant inside the ring, with a slightly different moveset to go along with the exciting body and face paint that always pops the crowd.

“I love it, I just think once you beat “The Demon” he’s done,” “Road Dogg” Brian James said of the persona on “Oh You Didn’t Know.” Typically, Balor has been victorious when using the gimmick, because it has been used as a tool for him to unleash a truly unique version of himself. It allows Balor to access aggression and almost supernatural strength. However, he isn’t undefeated as the “Demon”, as Balor was beaten by Samoa Joe during his “WWE NXT” days, by Roman Reigns, and most recently by Edge at WrestleMania 39, all while portraying the character. That said, James feels it’s only logical that “The Demon” almost always wins the day.

“I feel like you break out “The Demon” when you know you’re going over, do you know what I mean? I think that’s from a booking standpoint too, because I think once “The Demon” loses you go, ‘Oh, so he’s not special,’ do you know what I mean,” James said. “So, he’s not otherworldly and part of you that we don’t normally see, because look, is it real or is it not?” The character is something that has proven to be popular throughout the years with the WWE Universe, but Balor himself has admitted that it had become a crutch to him, so it remains to be seen if it will appear again.

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