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PIN-UP Global is an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. PIN-UP Global is divided into segments depending on the profile: PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.TEAM. Each segment can have one or more companies that interact with each other through both competition and cooperation. Ecosystem companies implement innovative technologies and non-standard solutions for the development and scaling of products and services.


As we see, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC functions as a part of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem. It specializes in supplying high-quality traffic that generates a profit for clients’ affiliate marketing goods and services on the world market. It has been operating under the banner of the group of firms’ PIN-UP Partners cooperation program since 2016.


PIN-UP Traffic is a well-known direct marketer of business offerings known for dominating the global affiliate industry. During 2022, the business received honors from significant organizations. PIN-UP’s main goal is to obtain ROI traffic for PIN-UP brand goods using the CPA and Revenue Share models, mainly through SEO, ASO, PPC, and INFLUENCE sources from affiliate partners.


PIN-UP MEDIA BUYING is a specialized team that oversees the complete cycle of internal media and performance traffic purchasing for iGaming goods. The department is in charge of the six primary full-cycle procurement verticals. PIN-UP SEO is a group of webmasters that offers product search engine optimization and uses outside media sources to drive traffic from natural search engine results.

PIN-UP.TRAFFIC expertise 

A team of affiliate specialty experts with over three years of expertise in creating the best solutions for business goals make up the PIN-UP.TRAFFIC team. It can maximize the potential of products thanks to their deep understanding of search and optimization for all forms of visitors. The team members work on analytical tasks, test media outlets, and create technical solutions daily to increase the product’s authority and relevance in search engines.


The PIN-UP.TRAFFIC team has over 100 individuals, including outstanding partner and sales managers, marketers, SMM and PR managers, specialists in special events, expert media buyers, designers across specialties, and SEO experts. The venture grows by 40% yearly and welcomes applications from competent traffic professionals.

Teamwork makes the dream work

This division aims to support PIN-UP Global in keeping its position as the market leader. The division’s staff has developed individualized training programs emphasizing traffic sources that all candidates must complete, drawing on their combined seven years of affiliate marketing expertise. In addition, the team actively participates in more than 20 of the top affiliate conferences annually and attends industry training events to further their skills. Here, it is all about people and their work. The power of human minds brings prosperity to the ecosystem.

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