Masha Slamovich Ranks No. 15 On PWI 500, Highest Woman In History

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Impact Knockout and indie sensation Masha Slamovich becomes the highest ranking woman in PWI 500 history as she comes in at number 15. PWI started ranking women in the PWI 500 list as of 2021. The women that appear on the list are those who not only fight other women but the men as well.

This is a huge accolade of Slamovich to be ranked 15 among mostly men on the list. She is listed higher than the likes of Bryan Danielson, Will Ospreay, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Edge, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn just to name a few.

Other women/non-binary individuals on the PWI 500 include –

82. Trish Adora

96. Billie Starkz

100. Rina Yamashita

136. Allie Katch

166. B3CCA

184. DARK Sheik

215. Jody Threat

245. Kenzie Paige

250. Shazza McKenzie

281. Jordan Blade

282. Kidd Bandit

286. Paris Van Dale

305. Edith Surreal

320. Delilah Doom

327. Jessica Troy

347. Erica Leigh

335. Cherry Stephens

353. Loue O’Farrell

357. Alexia Nicole

364. Max the Impaler

376. Sandra Moone

402. Rhio

413. Vixsin

425. Emersyn Jayne

427. Zoe Sager

431. Sonny Kiss

432. Alice Crowley

439. Rebel Kel

444. Little Mean Kathleen

462. Lucia Lee

467. Ruthless Lala

469. Rachel Armstrong

475. Joseline Navarro

478. Moxie Malone

493. Johnnie Robbie

496. Anastasia Morningstar

The PWI Women 150 list which is strictly for the women keeps growing year after year. It was merely a list of 50 up to 2017, then a list of 100, and as of 2021 grew to 150. That list generally comes out in October and this year we are getting 250!

Huge congratulations to Masha for this huge accolade.