Marty Jannetty Apologies To Fans Who Don’t Believe His Crazy Life

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Marty Jannetty’s life has been quite a wild ride. At this point, he is going strong as a WWE legend, and it’s anyone’s guess what he will do next, especially on social media. Although his antics are legendary, it’s hard to believe for some fans. Marty loves to party, and he’s also sorry for those who don’t believe he’s the real deal.

The former Rocker has a vast history of social media antics. In fact, you can click here for an extensive history of so many of his wild social media posts.

Marty Jannetty logged onto Twitter and he had quite a message to share. He apologized to fans who don’t believe his wild stories, but that is the life he’s living.

Please let me explain to all yo country fried geeks who couldnt get a girl if they were like shooting fish in a barrel…I apologize you dont believe my life, I aint a 9 to 5er that comes home after work, eats a lovely TV dinner yo wife warmed for you and, then watch Hip Hop Atlanta to get a hard on but still do nothing with it, go to bed and repeat that every after day month after month year after year..fuck, live that if you happy, but get up off my jock strap doubting and then degrading my life of a new beautiful lady almost EVERY live and let live geek face!

Marty Jannetty’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring will be quite an episode to watch. Fans will likely cause that episode to break new records for the show. Only time will tell what he does next to prove he’s living that life, but this post was quite an example of to add to his record.

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WWE has not given Marty Jannetty love in the Hall of Fame yet. Do you think that he deserves a spot at this point? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!