Liam Smith Faces Chris Eubank Jr On September 2nd In Rematch

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By Charles Brun: Chris Eubank Jr will be attempting to exact revenge against Liam Smith in their rematch on September 2nd after being totally humiliated earlier this year in a fourth-round blowout last January.

Smith vs. Eubank Jr 2 rematch will be shown live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK. There’s no word which network it will be shown in the U.S., if any.

The 33-year-old Eubank Jr (32-3, 23 KOs) was blown out of the water like a navy ship by ‘Beefy’ Smith (33-3-1, 20 KOs) last January after a two-knockdown defeat for the career underachiever.

After getting dropped twice by the more technically gifted, experienced Smith, the drunken-looking Eubank Jr was saved by referee Victor Loughlin, who wisely waved off rather than allowing Liam to finish the ruined-looking fighter with the couple de grace finisher.

Loughlin saving Eubank Jr from being pole-axed by Smith Jr, it made the rematch possible because if Chris had been knocked out cold, the British boxing public wouldn’t be interested in seeing a second fight between them.

Is Smith vs. Eubank Jr 2 PPV worthy?

I think I speak for many people when I say Smith-Eubank Jr should be free of charge, a complimentary deal for boxing fans, rather than having this albatross on PPV.

Given the outcome of their previous encounter, it would be fitting for this to be free of charge. If not, a lot of fans will watch it with a five-finger discount using illegal streams or seeing it on Youtube immediately after it ends.

It’s going to be a hard sell because why pay to see a fight where you already know the outcome? There’s no word whether the pay-per-view price will be reduced to a more fan-friendly number that reflects the mismatch that it’s expected to be.

It would arguably be a crime to peddle the Smith-Eubank Jr 2 rematch for the same pay-per-view price as the first fight.

It would be a good idea NOT to put it on PPV in the U.S. if the match is streamed over there because this match-up is more of a business, domestic-level dust-up rather than a fight thaat has any ramifications for the middleweight division at the world level.

“I’m glad that the date is set now, and we can look forward to getting rid of this itch that needs scratching. I’m fully healed up, injury-free, and looking forward to finishing Chris Eubank Jr’s career on September 2,” Liam Smith said to Sky Sports.

“No more excuses, no more postponements. Smith can’t run forever. September 2 is the day of my revenge,” said Eubank Jr.

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