Konnan Claims He Had First-Hand Knowledge Of Alberto Del Rio & Saraya’s Abusive Relationship

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Saraya has been through a lot during her career in the ring, and that is no secret. She had to overcome a lot in her journey, and that included a toxic public relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion is very happy in a relationship with Ronnie Radke, and the two have been very public about this. That being said, many remember time in her life when things were not as great with her personal relationship status.

During a recent episode of Keepin’ it 100, Konnan said that he likes Saraya and Alberto Del Patron. That being said, he was also unfortunately around to witness some of the darker times that the two had as a couple.

“The thing is, I like Saraya, she has always been sweet with me,” Konnan asserted, “I like ADR [El Patron], he has had his issues because when you’re on drugs you’re not thinking correctly. He has a very big heart, bro he’s in a very competitive business, he’s getting older, he wants to secure his spot.”

“I would see them in public, I would see the things he would do to her, and I would see stuff she would do to him.”

Drugs can change a lot about someone’s behavior and how they are as a person. Thankfully, both Saraya and Alberto seem to be in much better places in life right now. That dark cloud in their past will always remain, but what matters is how they used it to help them grow as individuals.

Saraya is also going strong in AEW as a featured performer. Alberto might not be wrestling right now, but he’s also never officially retired from in-ring action. Only time will tell if Alberto will ever get to a point where he might be able to 100% bury the hatchet with Saraya, because that could open the door for AEW.

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