Jake Paul On Nate Diaz: “I’m Going To Finish His Career”

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By Sean Jones: Jake Paul embarrassed the tongue-tied Nate Diaz today in their final press conference ahead of this Saturday’s 10 round boxing match on DAZN PPV at the American Airlines Center, Dallas

The 38-year-old Diaz, who will be making his debut inside the boxing ring, looked mentally intimidated by the 26-yer-old Jake (6-1, 4 KOs) and looked like he needed saving.

Diaz’s career in MMA is on life support, with him losing four of his last six fights, and he looks beyond washed. Jake should have chosen someone that was still relevant because this is going to be too easy.

Press conference quotes:

Nate Diaz: “I’m not a bully. He’s a bully.”

Ariel Helwani: “Jake, why is he a bully?

Jake Paul: “He throws water bottles at innocent people on the street. He chokes them out and talks a lot of s**t,  and I’m going to bully the bully. This little guy over here that you love so much, he’s going to be dead on Saturday night. I’m going to finish his career. Boo yourself, peasants.

Helwani: “He says he’s going to finish your career on Saturday, Nate.”

Nate: “Bully.”

Paul: “Is he dumb? It’s a rhetorical question. Is this mother f***r dumb? This f**ker can’t even speak.”

Helwani: “The DAZN crew have been saying how good you look in the ring, that you’re in the shape of your career. Do you believe that, and if so, what has been the difference in this camp as opposed to your previous camps?”

Paul: “I’m in 100% great shape. I feel amazing. I’ve brought in an entire new team, strength & conditioning, nutritionist, and head coach, all of that. I’m feeling good. When I’m in shape and have proper time to prepare, you’re going to see a different version. The best version of Jake Paul you’ve ever seen.

Helwani: “You are the face of real fighting. You’ve always been a fighter, and even your biggest foes respect you because you’re a real fighter. Is this man, in your opinion, a real fighter?”

Nate: “He don’t know how to defend the choke.”

Helwani: “Can you defend a choke?”

Jake: “Caan you accept my offer to fight in MMA, but you’re acting like a b**tch still? I have $10 million for you in MMA, and you still haven’t accepted it. After I f**k you up in boxing, I’m coming to MMA, and I’m f**king you up worse. I’m going to choke your b**ch a** out. Accept the offer pu**y, but you won’t.”

Nate: “You see that bouncer over there? I smacked him in the face. F**k him and f**k you.”

Jake: “I like it. Nate’s alive. We woke the beast up. Let’s go. Come on, Nate. Take your s**t.”

Helwani: “If it all goes well on Saturday, do you have any interest in fighting him in MMA? Does that interest you at all? You’re not done with MMA, are you?”

Nate: “We’ll see what happens.”

Paul: “It’s a big show, a big event. The energy is up, and I’m feeling good.”

Helwani: “We all kind of wondered after the [Tommy] Fury fight if that would be it.”

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