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Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls Full Results

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IMPACT and New Japan Pro-Wrestling join forces for another co-branded mega event, Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

The action begins on Countdown to Multiverse United 2.

Rocky Romero, Master Wato & Ryusuke Taguchi vs Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura & Heath

Heath hits Romero with a big atomic drop. Heath whips Romero into the butt of his own partner, Taguchi. Wato takes out Heath and Hendry with a double running bulldog. Romero, Wato and Taguchi take flight with in-sync crossbodies to the outside. Wato attempts a springboard but Heath cuts him off. Hendry puts his strength on display with a stalling vertical suplex to Wato. Heath continues the assault with a leg lariat for two. Wato creates separation, then makes the much-needed tag to Romero. The pace quickens as Romero brings the fight to his opponents. Hendry hits a double Fallaway Slam on Romero and Wato. Uemura plants Taguchi, then soars with a top rope crossbody to win.

Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura & Heath def Rocky Romero, Master Wato & Ryusuke Taguchi (10:20)

Digital Media Champion Kenny King vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru – Digital Media Championship

Kanemaru targets the left knee of King with a low dropkick. King hangs him up on the top rope, then gains control with a running clothesline. King misses a springboard leg drop attempt, providing Kanemaru with an opening. Kanemaru spikes him with a DDT, followed by a Moonsault for two. King bounces back with a Spinebuster for a near fall of his own. Kanemaru grabs the referee to create a distraction. King avoids the Amber Mist, then connects with the Royal Flush to win.

Digital Media Champion Kenny King def Yoshinobu Kanemaru – Digital Media Championship (06:53)

Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls is on the air!

Chris Sabin vs Kevin Knight vs Frankie Kazarian vs BUSHI vs YOH vs Rich Swann vs MAO vs El Desperado – Jr Heavyweight / X-Division Scramble

It’s every man for themselves as all eight competitors engage in a lockup. Knight scores an early two count with a running splash to YOH. Sabin his a top rope missile dropkick to Knight. Desperado and MAO work together as they take out Knight with double team offense. But there can only be one winner as MAO goads Desperado into an uppercut. Everyone takes turns hitting running strikes on Swann. Sabin and Kazarian take down Swann, MAO and Desperado with a Tower of Doom out of the corner. Knight hits a top rope Frog Splash on Swann. Kazarian catches Knight with his signature slingshot cutter. MAO counters the handspring cutter from Swann. Sabin hits Cradle Shock on YOH to win.

Chris Sabin def YOH, Frankie Kazarian, BUSHI, Kevin Knight, Rich Swann, MAO & El Desperado – Jr Heavyweight / X-Division Scramble (8:11)

After the match, BUSHI blinds Sabin with the black mist.

TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr & Shane Haste) vs IMPACT (Moose & Eddie Edwards)

TMDK begin the wear-down process on Edwards as they cut off the ring and employ quick tags. Edwards creates separation with an Atomic Drop, followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards knocks Sabre off the apron to take away the tag option for Haste. The tide has turned as Moose pummels Haste with a series of rights hands before knocking Sabre off the apron once again. Haste finally fights free with a Hurricanrana to Edwards, allowing him to tag in Sabre. Edwards goes after Sabre but gets trapped in a Cross Armbreaker on the ropes. Edwards and Sabre exchange kicks in the middle of the ring. Edwards gains the upper-hand with a Blue Thunder Bomb but can’t capitalize for a pin. Haste counters a standing Uranage from Moose into a running corner cannonball. Sabre locks in a sleeper on Moose, followed by a knee strike from Haste. Moose goes for the spear but Haste dodges and rolls him up for two. Moments later, Moose successfully spears Haste to win.

IMPACT (Moose & Eddie Edwards) def TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr & Shane Haste) (13:24)

Giulia (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Gisele Shaw vs Momo Kohgo – NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship

Shaw showboats in the early going before Purrazzo and Kohgo take her out. Giulia ties up Purrazzo in a submission but Kohgo breaks it up. Kohgo hits a step-up crossbody to Giulia, followed by a 619. Purrazzo hits Shaw with a side Russian legsweep, then locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Shaw counters Queen’s Gambit into a back body drop. Purrazzo trips up Giulia from the outside but they both get taken out with a top rope crossbody from Kohgo. Giulia sends Shaw flying with a thunderous underhook suplex from the top. All four women square off in the middle of the ring. Shaw spears Giulia. Purrazzo and Shaw work together momentarily as Purrazzo hits an assisted Lungblower on Kohgo. Shaw soars with a top rope Spanish Fly to Purrazzo but Giulia and Kohgo break the pin. Purrazzo spikes Giulia with Queen’s Gambit for a very close near fall. Purrazzo locks in Queen’s Gambit on Giulia while Shaw locks in her own submission on Kohgo. Shaw plants Purrazzo with Shock & Awe. Giulia avoids the Denouement from Shaw, then hits the Northern Lights Bomb to win.

Giulia (c) def Gisele Shaw, Deonna Purrazzo & Momo Kohgo – NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship (12:26)

After the match, Kohgo blindsides Giulia but gets taken out with a Glorious Driver from the champ.

Sami Callihan wants to make the following match a South Philly Street Fight, and DOUKI accepts his challenge.

DOUKI vs Sami Callihan – South Philly Street Fight

Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver on the floor before littering the ring with steel chairs. Callihan uses an 8×10 to give DOUKI a papercut between the fingers, followed by the armpit. Callihan suplexes him into a steel chair for two. Callihan lodges a chair in between the turnbuckles but it comes back to bite him as DOUKI sends him head-first into the steel. DOUKI uses a chair to block a kendo stick shot from Callihan. DOUKI hits a double foot stomp into a pair of chairs, into the midsection of Callihan. Moments later, Callihan hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. DOUKI connects with a Hurricanrana into the ladder, then spikes him with a DDT for two. DOUKI crashes and burns from the top as his back explodes into a ladder. DOUKI kicks out at one but Callihan immediately spikes him with the Cactus Driver 97. Somehow, it’s still not enough to keep DOUKI down. Callihan goes low, then hits another Cactus Driver 97 through multiple chairs to win.

Sami Callihan def DOUKI – South Philly Street Fight (12:48)

Catch 22 (TJP & Francesco Akira) vs TMDK (Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita)

Eagles and Fujita drive the knees of Akira into the mat. Fujita locks in a submission but Akira frantically craws to the bottom rope in order to break the hold. TJP launches Fujita into a Hurricanrana from Akira. Seconds later, Akira soars off the top to take out both of his opponents on the outside. Fujita makes the much-needed tag to Eagles as the pace quickens once again. Eagles hits a low dropkick to the head of TJP before turning his attention to Akira. Eagles hits Akira with double running knees in the corner. Akira spikes Eagles with a Reverse Rana. TJP almost puts Fujita away with the top rope Mamba Splash. Fujita hits a belly-to-belly suplex on TJP for a near fall of his own. Eagles inadvertently superkicks Fujita. Akira and TJP connect with knee strikes on Fujita to win.

Catch 22 (TJP & Francesco Akira) def TMDK (Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita) (11:20)

Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey, David Finlay, Alex Coughlin, KENTA & Clark Connors) vs The World (PCO, Josh Alexander, Tanga Loa, Tama Tonga, The DKC & ELP)

Finlay spits in the face of Tonga and the fight is on. Tonga hits a slingshot crossbody to the outside before a brawl breaks out between both sides. Coughlin hits PCO with a gut-wrench suplex. PCO charges towards Coughlin as they both topple over the top rope to the floor. The match breaks down once again as it explodes into another brawl. Connors hits a powerslam on DKC. Finlay repeatedly drives his shoulder into the mid-section of DKC. Alexander is tagged into the match as he hits the members of Bullet Club with a series of German suplexes. Coughlin distracts Alexander, allowing Austin to pick him off the top with a head scissors. Austin uses his signature playing card to give Alexander a papercut between the fingers. Bey joins the fray as they hit Alexander with double team offense. Alexander creates separation with a double suplex to both Bey and Austin. Alexander tags in ELP, who enters the match with a burst of speed. ELP hits a springboard Moonsault on Finlay but Austin breaks the pin attempt. PCO chokeslams Finlay, followed by a top rope splash from DKC. Alexander squares off with KENTA, as Alexander counters the GTS into an Ankle Lock. PCO dives through the ropes, crashing into a sea of humanity on the outside. PCO flies again, this time with the PCO-Sault from the top. Finlay gets his knees up on a splash from DKC, then hits the powerbomb to win.

Bullet Club (David Finlay, Ace Austin, Chris Bey, Alex Coughlin, KENTA & Clark Connors) vs The World (PCO, Josh Alexander, Tanga Loa, Tama Tonga, The DKC & ELP) (14:14)

After the match, Bullet Club clears the ring of their adversaries before standing tall.

Lio Rush & Trey Miguel vs Hiromu Takahashi & Mike Bailey

Bailey and Takahashi hit double running dropkicks to Rush. Moments later, Rush hammers Takahashi with a series of fists. Rush and Miguel return the favor as they hit the same running dropkicks to Takahashi. Bailey delivers a flurry of quick kicks to Miguel, followed by a running Shooting Star for two. Miguel bounces back with a modified suplex, allowing him to make the tag to Rush. Rush connects with a Fisherman’s Driver on Bailey but it’s not enough. Rush dives through the ropes with a shot of adrenaline, colliding with Bailey on the entrance way. Rush avoids Ultima Weapon and both men are down after trading pinpoint kicks. Miguel and Takahashi exchange slaps with Takahashi gaining the upper-hand following a sit-down suplex. Miguel rolls up Takahashi for a very close near fall. Bailey hits Miguel with the Tornado Kick in the corner. Bailey then hits Ultima Weapon into a driver from Takahashi but Rush breaks the pin at the last moment. Miguel rakes the eyes of Takahashi before spiking Bailey with a DDT on the floor. Rush hits Rush Hour for another near fall on Takahashi. Rush goes low on Takahashi to score the pinfall victory.

Lio Rush & Trey Miguel def Hiromu Takahashi & Mike Bailey (14:36)

After the match, Lio Rush sets his sights on the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship. Takahashi appears to accept his challenge but Bailey is concerned because he believes that opportunity should be his. \

Alex Shelley (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – IMPACT World Championship

Shelley targets Tanahashi’s left arm to gain control. Tanahashi slides between the legs of Shelley, then smashes his left knee into the steel ring post. The fight spills to the outside where Tanahashi continues to work on Shelley’s leg. Shelley hangs up Tanahashi on the top rope. Shelley kicks Tanahashi’s arm into the steel barricade. Shelley takes Tanahashi off his feet with a running clothesline. Shelley continues the attack with Sliced Bread, before locking in the Border City Stretch. Tanahashi makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Tanahashi regains control by using the middle rope to crank and twist Shelley’s leg. Tanahashi locks in the Cloverleaf but is unable to fully lock it in after the damage done to his arm. Shelley refocuses on the arm but Tanahashi stops his momentum with multiple Twist & Shouts. Tanahashi hits a Slingblade for two. Shelley avoids the Frog Splash, then hits a running knee to the back of the head. Shelley connects with the Ripcord clothesline for another near fall. Shelley hits Air Raid Crash off the top rope but it’s still not enough. Shelley superkicks Tanahashi, then connects with Shellshock to win.

Alex Shelley (c) def Hiroshi Tanahashi – IMPACT World Championship (18:53)

Shelley celebrates his victory as Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls goes off the air.