Fatal 4-way Number One Contender Match Set For NXT Aug. 29

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As a result of what went down on the Aug. 22 episode of NXT, we will have a number one contender match for the NXT Women’s Title next week. The competitors will be Gigi Dolin, Kiana James, Blair Davenport, and Roxanne Perez.

The match came about during the champion’s return. Tiffany Stratton took to the ring and boasted on how good Tiffy Summer has been. How she won the title and then went on to defended it twice against Thea Hail.

Stratton continued to gloat saying she would become the best and most successful NXT Women’s Champion. Better than Bayley, Asuka, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. One thing was wrong by that statement, Lynch was never NXT Women’s Champion.

Regardless, this started the four women that will vye for a shot at the title to come out one by one. A brawl broke out once Perez joined the women in the ring. She said she had something to tell Stratton but all that was, was a forearm to the face. Stratton rolled out of the ring to run for safety while the for competitors brawled.

Back to Stratton calling Lynch a former NXT Women’s Champion in her promo, Lynch called her out on social media. This led to Stratton responding by saying she may have misspoke but Lynch is irrelevant regardless.

The first women’s match of the night was Ava in her first singles match on TV as she took on Ivy Nile. The match was short, but Ava looked better in the ring over what she has shown previously. In the end, Nile would win with a submission. The rest of Schism and their followers jumped on the ring apron to help Ava and taunt Nile.

Ava was rescued by two of the Schism followers. In two further segments, Ava called out Nile to find her at the Schism tree. Eventually Nile would show up but when Ava tried to tell the two Schism followers to get her, they were revealed to be The Creed Brothers. Nile attacked Ava while the Creed Brothers say they want a final match with the Dyad and if they win they will be reinstated to NXT.

The other match of the night involved Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and North American Champion Dominik Mysterio facing Lyra Valkyria and Dragon Lee. The match came down to the number one contender and Ripley’s next opponent at PaybackRaquel Rodriguez showing up.

Rodriguez neutralized Ripley which led to Dragon Lee getting the win for him and Valkyria as he pinned Mysterio.

A backstage segment took place between Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne. It was taped after their match last week where Jayne beat Hail after Andre Chase inadvertently cost the match loss for Hail. Jayne gave advice to Hail telling her that she will get through it