‘Don’t Think He Was the Most Talented..’- Retiring American Tennis Veteran Delivers Blunt Take On ‘Hard-Working’ Former US Open Champion

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When Andy Roddick retired in 2012, John Isner, a huge fan who followed his path, carried the torch behind him for American tennis. The 38-year-old tennis ace is now all set to retire, just like his idol did nearly 20 years ago at the US Open. He found the perfect opportunity to praise Roddick’s journey on the court.

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While Isner’s admiration for the 2003 US Open champion has been out in the open, this time he recalled his own journey and having his idol by his side. Let’s take a look at what the former world number 8 had to say about his role model, as he prepares to hang up his racket.

John Isner on Andy Roddick’s dedication to the sport


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As the 38-year gets ready to play the first match of his final tournament, he shared a few words in a pre-match press conference. He shed light on how the former American player took the hard-working route to reach where he is today, giving inspiration to a lot of tennis players out there.

He said, “I think he would admit, obviously he was talented, but I don’t think he was the most talented guy, by any means, but he was an absolutely bulldog on the court, of course, but off the court in how he trained and how he took care of himself. One of the hardest workers I think this sport has ever seen.”

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He further talked about how when he was in college, he saw the 40-year-old former American tennis star win the US Open, and since then he has seen him working hard on himself. In addition, he also stated, “He just worked his ass off each and every day.”

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Not only that, but just two days before, the former world number one also shared an endearing message to his 6’10” fellow countryman.


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Isner received an enchanting message from his tennis idol

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Just a few days ago, the 40-year-old American tennis legend tagged his compatriot in a tweet and asked his junior of 2 years to cherish every moment, both on and off the tennis court. Further, he also empathized with him and expressed his love for the former eighth-ranked tennis player.


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He shared advice to take in all the moments with him and to give his 100% to the US Open while knowing that this is the last time he will be stabbing on the tennis court. Well, as the US Open champion rightly pointed out, the 38-year-old won’t get a second chance to experience the crowd and the game after he hangs up his racket from the sport.

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