Despite Concerns Raised by Several Tennis Stars, US Open Refuses to Budge from Its Firm Stance

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The US Open resembles a sparkling gem in the city and helps New York’s horizon look more lovely. Amidst the extravagant things, there’s a major issue brought about. It is a battle between the comfortable old ways and the new evolving rules. The objections of tennis stars like Iga Swiatek, Elena Rybakina, and Coco Gauff are spreading through the tennis courts. They have objected to the late-night tennis matches. The tennis stars believe that the uncomfortable timetable should change. However, the US Open has decided not to alter its perspective.

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Tournament director Stacey Allaster answered the objections raised by tennis stars. She revealed an insight into the internal conversations held by the tournament’s authority group. Allaster shared that late-night matches were sure to be the subject of conversation following the 2022 US Open.

The US Open shares its unyielding stance on late-night matches amidst backlash from tennis stars


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The US Open team investigated the chance to start night matches sooner than the customary 7 PM time allotment. However, strategic difficulties arose as New Yorkers battled to arrive at the court on time. Moreover, the team organizers accepted that including just a single night match would be uncalled. Fans who relish the air of Arthur Ashe Arena under the lights would be disappointed. The current schedules mirror a fragile harmony between custom and transformation.

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Coco Gauff has aligned her thoughts with WTA stars Elena Rybakina and Iga Swiatek against the late-night matches. The tennis star highlighted the toll it takes on players’ prosperity. Gauff highlighted the significance of rest for competitors.

While recognizing the intricacies of obliging TV plans, she required a gap and better planning for one-week competitions like the WTA 1000 tournaments.

According to a trending tweet, the director shared some interesting remarks about the incident. Stacey Allaster shared,” Without question late-night matches were heavily discussed and reviewed after the 2022 US Open.”

Allaster also added,”.. it’s hard for New Yorkers to get here even by 7. There could be then the collision course within the afternoon. We talked about one match at night. We felt that that was not a fairness thing to our fans.”

She also explained,”. I think one of the challenges that we just have as a reality of tennis, we are not defined by a start and an end time. That unpredictability of a match, sometimes we can have a short match or we can have that long, five-hour match.”

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Advocating for change within the tennis community, Coco Gauff has taken a strong stand against the prevalent problem of late match scheduling in recent tournaments. In an open discussion, Gauff delved into the difficulties that players face when matches extend well into the night, shedding light on the toll it takes on their physical and mental well-being.

Gauff speaks out against improper match scheduling in a recent interview

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The American recounted her encounters with late-night matches followed by early-morning starts. The hectic schedule had led to insufficient rest and preparation time. She highlighted a recent incident in Montreal where she concluded a match late. Gauff was scheduled for an early match the next day, resulting in sleep deprivation and fatigue.


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Gauff emphasized the negative impact of such scheduling on players’ overall health and mindset. Her words shed light on a pressing concern that has garnered significant attention.

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