Councillor serves up ‘ideal spot’ for Schumacher tennis courts

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If the proposed project comes to fruition, there could be a friend pickleball match between council members

Tennis courts could be in Schumacher’s future. 

The City of Timmins is reaching out to District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) to ask about a possible agreement to add tennis and pickleball courts to Schumacher Public School. The item was approved at the Sept. 26 Timmins council meeting. 

Coun. Bill Gvozdanovic, who represents the community, served up the idea.

“We used to have tennis courts in Schumacher. We’re the only ward without them now. I did speak with the school in Schumacher, that’s the ideal spot for it,” he said. 

At this point, there is no costing or financial commitment from either party for the potential project.

Using the school, said Gvozdanovic, is the same idea as having the outdoor rinks there.

“It’s just to be able to walk there as opposed to having them up at the ballfields where that’s a busy, busy road or across the highway down at the park where they used to be and don’t want our kids crossing four lanes of traffic. This is the perfect spot for it,” he said. 

Both sports have local clubs. 

Over the summer, pickleball was played locally at the McIntyre Curling Club while the ice was out. 

Years ago, Coun. Steve Black said he tried to get courts in the area.

“I’m a big proponent of us having recreational opportunities in each area of our community and I do think this is one area that is underserved in the outdoor tennis court/pickleball area,” he said, adding he’s supportive of looking at the opportunity.

He has concerns about having a municipal investment on school property. If a deal were to move forward, he wants to make sure the courts would stay as-is if the property were to ever be sold. 

If the courts do come to fruition, there could be a friendly match between Gvozdanovic and Black.

“Because I heard that, actually, Coun. Black is pretty good at it and if this comes through, I’ll challenge him to a match … we’ll see how good he is,” laughed Gvozdanovic.

“I don’t play a lot of pickleball, but I will say it is the only sport that I’ve played with my children and their grandmother at the same time, which is part of the appeal of that sport … it is a full community activity that all ages can take part in so I think it’s a wonderful opportunity. Both my children and my mother could probably beat me in the sport of pickleball,” said Black. 

There is no timeframe for the project. Updates will be brought back to the council table.

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