Canelo On David Benavidez: “He Talks Too Much, That’s Not The Way To Make A Fight”

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Ask the average fight fan, and ask Mike Tyson, too, who they would like to see Canelo Alvarez fight, and they will tell you David Benavidez. For months now, the unbeaten, consistently exciting warrior from Phoenix, Arizona has been calling for a fight with the Mexican star, and plenty of fans have echoed his call for the fight.

And Canelo is pretty annoyed at the way Benavidez, 27-0(23) and coming off a dominant March win over Caleb Plant, keeps calling his name.

“Maybe [I’ll fight David Benavidez] in the future. He talks too much, that’s not the way to make a fight. I don’t pay attention. I do my thing. Just watch, watch my career, watch his career. I’ve done a lot in boxing,” Canelo stated, as per Sports Radio 810 Kansas.

But maybe Canelo should pay attention, to what the fans wants to see. It’s undeniable that Canelo has indeed done a whole lot in boxing; he has faced numerous elite fighters in giving us some great fights and he has been the face of boxing for some time. Canelo is a future Hall of Famer and for many an all-time great, but ask a fan who they would rather see the 33 year old (Alvarez turns 33 today, happy birthday champ!) fight, Jermell Charlo, a proven 154 pounder who will be moving up in weight to the tune of two divisions when he challenges Canelo, or Benavidez, and they will tell you Benavidez.

At this stage of his career, Canelo almost certainly feels he has earned the right to pick and choose who he fights, and maybe he has. But all fighters, no matter how great, should always listen to what the fans want from them. And, before he retires, fans want to see Canelo fight Benavidez. It’s that simple.

And since when was calling and calling for a fight NOT the way to make a fight? Canelo, 59-2-2(39) might not have that long left in the ring, he has been a pro since way back in October of 2005 after all, while he has achieved so much. So Canelo needs to make each fight count before he takes his bow and walks away. And pretty much top of the list of meaningful, fan-demanded fights for Canelo is a date with Benavidez. And we all know it would be a great, great fight if it did happen. Who wins if/when Canelo and Benavidez do get it on? Canelo will not like hearing how he dodged Benavidez if he does retire without having fought him.

Prediction: the fight WILL happen, next year.