Brian Pillman Jr. Finalizing Deal With WWE

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Former AEW star Brian Pillman Jr. is reportedly in the process of finalizing a deal with WWE.

On July 11, PWInsider reported that Pillman Jr. and AEW parted ways after his contract expired. Pillman Jr. then reportedly had a tryout at the WWE Performance Center, per Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

Cassidy Haynes of reports that, per sources, a deal is in place, or one is in the process of being finalized. To be clear, Pillman Jr. has not signed a contract yet. However, sources also indicated that Pillman Jr. will move to Orlando by the end of August. He would then report to NXT and start training at the WWE Performance Center.

Additionally, Hayes noted that Pillman Jr. has cancelled non-wrestling commitments that had “significant ties” with AEW talent/coaches.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

Veteran AEW broadcaster Jim Ross shared his thoughts on Brian Pillman Jr.’s AEW departure. Speaking on his Grilling JR broadcast, he stated that Pillman Jr. will have plenty of opportunities.

“It wasn’t working,” Ross said. “He’s not losing any ring time. He’ll have plenty of opportunities. He’s just gotta structure his journey and be smart about the decisions that he makes and get all the in-ring time that he can. Wrestle as many matches as he can schedule. So, he’s gonna be fine, just gotta have his plan and work it. His career took a minor tumble, but not one that you can’t get up from. So, I have a lot of confidence he’s gonna end up very successful in wrestling.” [H/T: Inside The Ropes]

Brian is the son of former WWE star Brian Pillman, who passed away in 1997. Pillman Sr. memorably feuded with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin during his time in WWE. He was also briefly a member of the Hart Foundation.