Barnsley cause a stir after threatening to ban persistent standing fans

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Barnsley cause a stir on social media after threatening to ban persistent standing fans during their matches throughout the 2023/24 season.

The Tykes issued a statement with a warning to supporters that they will not tolerate this at Oakwell, but it has lead to a strong response. 

Football Away Days said: Barnsley FC have today issued a statement about “persistent standing”.

They said that this season, fans will see stewards “being more visible asking supporters to sit down”, and they aren’t compliant, they may be ejected from the stadium and have their season ticket withdrawn. 😨

Do you think it’s time to introduce safe standing back inside all English football stadiums? 🤔


Following dialogue with the Safety Advisory Group over the close season we have been informed that from the start of the 23/24 season that enhanced measures must be implemented to reduce the amount of spectators standing in seated areas.

The Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) have advised that where there is evidence of large numbers of supporters standing in seated areas, then they will allow clubs the opportunity to manage this themselves in the hope that ‘self policing’ will reduce the amount of people standing. However, where this is not successful then the club may have to seriously consider voluntary measures such as reducing capacities or closing off certain areas of the stadium. If the club is still in a position whereby there has been no improvement then Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (who issue the safety certificate) may impose a reduction in a partial or full closure of a stand.about:blank

Standing in areas that are designed for seated accommodation can be dangerous and in the absence of Oakwell not having ‘rail seating’ currently installed, we ask all supporters to work with us in adhering to the licence conditions of the ground. If we cannot address this situation and show improvement then it is likely that the club will be forced to impose, or have imposed, stricter measures.

Similar measures have been imposed at other stadiums last season and it is likely that others will also find themselves in the same situation as ourselves during the 23/24 season.

You will see stewards being more visible and asking supporters to sit down; please work with them to achieve greater compliance before any further action is required. Where non-compliance is found, further action will follow which may include withdrawal of Season Tickets and or/ejection from the ground although it is hoped that this can be avoided.

We understand that supporters will periodically want to stand up at times of excitement and it is not these moments that we are referring to. It is when supporters are standing for long periods that is the matter of concern here.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

As mentioned, Barnsley cause a stir after threatening to ban persistent standing fans…

@kris_jowett: It’s time for safe standing at Oakwell and needs that investment all I see is a season of moaning about stewards at the minute which takes away from everything else we should be focusing on

@JoelBoo78911665: Get safe standing in ponty then, problem solved. Stop trying to kill atmosphere when last year u was crying out for it

@JonnyCave: So your all for standing when you put the marketing videos out trying to sell tickets, guaranteed away fans will be stood for 90 mins and just left whilst stewards just pick on the youngsters in the ponty trying to get an atmosphere going

@jordie_bfc: Hate the people who run this club honestly.

@bfctheo: it’s not the theatre is it? In khaleds letter he says the fans need to get behind the team, then this follows it.😂

@thecasualultra: Wtf.. Imo safe standing isn’t needed. It’s just the club acting like assholes!

@BenIley2004: I remember the jobsworth stewards telling people to sit down during the play off semi final, get a fucking grip.

@ant_patt: What a load of shit, my season ticket will go back and ask for a refund if I get hassled wi them stewards, another rule for stewards to throw their weight a bart

@Owene2220: Very embarrassing message to send out, simple solution is get safe standing put in place

@DarenGame: There is a massive lack of respect shown by many supporters who persistently stand in areas of our ground. Used to be just behind goals but has spread. I feel sorry for many younger and older people who have sat in those areas for years. The club also do nothing about it. It’s a safety issue too. The licensing of all clubs is that fans sit down. Very few clubs do anything about it. West Ham are the worst. Send out warnings. Sometimes ask people to sit down but literally don’t care about the fans who are doing no wrong.

@BaileyLand2: I’ll be stood up Saturday for 90 mins feel free to try and kick me out 👍🏻

@eliyerknow: Backwards Barnsley. Total the wrong approach to the matchday experience.

@_Danny_1992_: That’s a joke , you’re not gonna get an atmosphere with people sitting down , you should be encouraging it 😂😂😂

@Alex_Red_87: Need to install standing areas

@cudethred: and they talk about “please get behind the players and create an atmosphere”