Andy Murray’s coach provides update on Brit’s tennis future

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Andy Murray’s coach Jonny O’Mara provided an update on the Briton’s tennis future.

Despite having a great grass-court season as a whole, Murray suffered a heartbreaking five-set defeat to Stefanos Tsitsipas in the second round of Wimbledon last week.

Following the setback, the two-time Wimbledon winner was asked if he would return to play next year and while his plan wasn’t to stop playing as of now, he did admit that finding motivation would be hard after another early exit.

It’s led to many questioning whether we may have seen the last of Murray. According to O’Mara, the 36-year-old will require some days to reflect on his Wimbledon exit before deciding on his next move.

That said, O’Mara also believes Andy Murray has shown a level that proves he can continue playing at the very top.

“I think he’ll take a few days to reflect and whether he’ll stay with that or he’ll find motivation to carry on,” O’Mara said (via Tennis 365). “He’s definitely showing a level that he can be at the top, and he is at the top.

“If there was anyone else that was top 40 in the world, nobody would probably be questioning the fact that they’re still playing. Who knows what he’s going to do but I don’t think there’ll be many people inside the top 40 thinking of retiring.

“I’ve had a couple of messages with him. Nothing crazy because it was a tough match and he’s obviously going to be a little bit hurt from that one. We were just speaking about the present and I’m sure we’ll speak about what’s happening in a few days.”

O’Mara, who recently joined Murray’s team and put his own playing career on hold in the process, also reflected on the match and gave Tsitsipas credit for his performance.

However, he also feels the match being suspended on Thursday because of the curfew and continuing on Friday may have played a role in the result.

“To sit in the box and try and do what we can to help him try and get over the line and put in the performances that he can, it’s enjoyable and it’s just a shame that it didn’t go his way,” he added.

“Tsitsipas played great, his forehand was incredible. If things had gone a little differently, maybe there was electronic line-calling or the scheduling had allowed him to finish the same day, who knows, he might still be in the tournament.He’s definitely not delusional to carry on.”

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