Why Booker T Says Trish Stratus Is ‘Truly’ A Legend

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Trish Stratus is already a Hall of Famer in the eyes of WWE, but it’s her performances like the one at WWE Payback that truly cement her status as a legend, according to her fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T. During a recent episode of “The Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker recounted the events that unfolded at Payback, including Stratus’ steel cage match against Becky Lynch.

Following the conclusion of Payback, Stratus showed the bruises and massive welt she sustained from the brutal bout. Taking the match’s physicality into account, Booker praised Stratus and Lynch for delivering what he describes as a “spectacle.”

“Trish Stratus definitely shined big time. Becky rocked it,” Booker said. “They went out and they told a great story. They took you on that roller coaster ride that I love about this business so much — the story. The wrestling is an intricate detail, but the stories, man … These ladies, they went out there and they tore the house down. Talk about bruised, battered, and torn, Trish Stratus, none of those bruises were fake. That was real, man. It just shows me her heart, and how much she really still loved this business. 2013, we went in the Hall of Fame together, and [she’s] truly, truly a legend, and Hall of Famer.”

Despite the obvious battle wounds, Stratus thanked Lynch (via Instagram) following their steel cage match, to which Lynch responded, “respect,” in the comments. With their feud now seemingly in the rearview mirror, Lynch turns her attention to Tiffany Stratton, whom she will challenge next week for the “WWE NXT” Women’s Championship.

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