What Jordan Poole is rumored to have said to spark Draymond Green punch

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green admitted it was a key part of what held the Warriors back last season — his punching Jordan Poole in the face during training camp changed the vibe around the team. This summer, the Warriors re-signed Green and shipped out Poole because keeping both would have been a chemistry issue.

One of the big questions hanging out there: What did Poole say to get Green to throw that punch? Poole and Green had been jawing at each other in practice, but what was said that sent Green over the line? Reporter Pablo Torre said he has uncovered that on his podcast Pablo Torre Finds Out with documentary filmmaker Ezra Edelman.

“You’re an expensive backpack for 30.”

As in Curry had been carrying Green for his career.

There is context to this situation. In the summer of 2022 the Warriors chose to give a contract extension to Poole (four years, $128 million) and Andrew Wiggins (four years, $109 million) but not to extend Green at the time, despite Green publicly saying he wanted an extension. The Warriors seemed to be setting a path for the future that included Poole and Wiggins but didn’t lock in Green. Money always matters and can be a source of tension around the league.

The punch changed the vibe around the Warriors for much of the season. During that season, Green and his defense proved invaluable to the Warriors’ winning (as it has always been), while Poole did not play up to the level he had the season before (particularly when returning to the sixth man role he had previously thrived in). This summer, the Warriors looked at their situation, re-signed Green (four years, $100 million), and traded Poole to the Wizards in a deal that brought Chris Paul to the Bay Area.

Whether that was the final line that broke Green and got him to throw the punch or not, the fallout from that moment continues to play out with the Warriors as they try to fit CP3 into the team.