Video: Becky Lynch Reacts To Winning NXT Women’s Championship: ‘This Is Wild’

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Last night on “WWE NXT,” Becky Lynch was finally able to capture a title that had so far eluded her in WWE: the “NXT” Women’s Championship. Lynch defeated former champion Tiffany Stratton, ending her reign at 107 days. The main event saw both women evenly matched for much of the contest, with Lynch pulling ahead as the match reached its conclusion. By the end, Lynch was able to put Stratton away with a Manhandle Slam for the three-count. Following the match, WWE posted a social media exclusive featuring Lynch’s reaction to her victory.

With her title win, Lynch now becomes the sixth woman in WWE to become a “Grand Slam” champion, meaning they had won both main roster women’s world titles, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, and the “WWE NXT” Women’s Championship. Despite coming up through NXT, Lynch never captured the title, while each of her “Four Horsewomen” peers had. Bayley became the first to hold a Grand Slam when she won the “WWE SmackDown” Women’s Championship in May 2019, with Asuka, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Rhea Ripley following.

The main event was Lynch’s first “NXT” match since 2019, when she made a one-off appearance to wrestle Rhea Ripley shortly after the show moved from the WWE Network to the USA Network. Prior to that, Lynch’s last televised appearance on “NXT” was all the way back in August 2015.

Now that Lynch holds the “NXT” Women’s Championship, it seems likely she’ll be popping up on Tuesday nights more often. Still, it doesn’t seem likely that the company intends to take Lynch off “WWE Raw,” and with the shows taping on back-to-back nights each week, Lynch may have to alternate between the two. Otherwise, “The Man” has some intense travel days ahead of her.