Trish Stratus’ Greatest Feuds In WWE

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Trish Stratus is one of the most decorated and celebrated wrestlers of all time. Trish Stratus had plenty of great matches and moments and worked with some of the best women’s talent ever.

Here are Trish Stratus’ greatest feuds and opponents in her WWE career:

Lita (Amy Dumas)

Trish vs. Lita was THE women’s rivalry for WWE. The pair main evented together, fought in retirement matches together and made history together.

They might have been part of Team Bestie (and that’s currently on hold too), but Trish and Lita were incredible rivals. The pair changed women’s wrestling for the better and their matches together are still regarded as some of the best ever.

Christy Hemme

Trish Stratus was a great opponent that helped catapult Christy Hemme to another level. Christy won the 2004 WWE RAW Diva Search and ultimately landed the cover of Playboy. Trish was jealous that Christy got the honor (and the spotlight) and the feud kicked off from there.

It was later revealed that Lita trained Hemme (adding another layer to the Lita vs. Trish rivalry). Trish successfully retained her title against Christy at WrestleMania 21, but it’s easy to see that Hemme was in a better spot after the feud.

Mickie James

James’ initial WWE gimmick was basically defined by Trish Stratus and the pair provided great television over the years. Mickie debuted as a Trish superfan, then turned into her sidekick and eventual stalker. (It got weird for a while). Mickie and Trish cosplayed as each other and played mind games with each other all the way to WrestleMania 22.

There, James beat Stratus for the title, ending Trish’s 448-day reign, which is still the second-longest of the modern era. The match is still regarded as one of the best matches in WWE history. It had several memorable moments, the feud itself made Mickie into an immediate star.

Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon)

Lita and Mickie might come to mind first, but Trish and Victoria’s feud is underrated on some level. (Hard to believe considering the pair shared the ring more than 200 times in four years).

Like Mickie, Victoria was also “obsessed” with Trish due to their storyline paths crossing in the fitness world. Trish and Victoria (and Jazz) were involved in a great women’s match at WrestleMania XIX that saw Trish win her fourth women’s title. Trish also bested Victoria the next year to win her fifth title, just two of the many title matches they faced off in.

Their last match came on the August 21, 2006 episode of RAW, with Trish picking up the win.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is one of Trish’s most recent feuds, and it’s the one that brought Trish out of retirement. A dream match to some, Trish proved she could still go and Charlotte got a win over a legendary name in the business. 

Trish went into retirement once more after this match but it was short-lived, as she recently returned on a regular basis to work with Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark. It’s very much possible that working with a top star like Flair led Stratus to come back for another run with today’s stars.