The Best Golf Mats of 2023

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The perfect practice setup is the first step to perfect practice. Every good practice session starts with a hitting mat. Not only will a golf-hitting mat save you time but it’ll save you money.

Pair the top golf hitting mat with the best golf nets and you won’t have to go to the range again! But finding the golf hitting mat that suits your needs isn’t quite that easy. 

Don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our top picks for golf hitting mats and what criteria to consider before purchasing. 

Best Golf Hitting Mat Under $1,000: SwingTurf

SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat


  • Minimal bounce
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Muted sound
  • Can be used with wooden or traditional tees
  • Club glides through the turf


  • The full-size option may be too big for some spaces.
  • The thickness of the foam backing can make it feel mushy at times. 

Best Under $750: The Holy Grail Hitting Mat

Holy Grail Golf Hitting Mat


  • Replaceable hitting strip for longevity
  • Suitable for left-hand or right-hand use
  • Hitting strip placement allows for use with popular launch monitors like Foresight GCQuad
  • Durable foam backing
  • Real feel and minimal bounce


  • The full-size option may be too big for some spaces
  • No cutout for tees

Best Under $500 – Wittek Quatro

Wittek Quattro Golf Hitting Mat


  • Shock-absorbing foam backing is easy on the joints and hands
  • Turf interaction is among the best
  • Cutouts for rubber tees and other typical driving-range tee solutions


  • Can’t be used with traditional wooden tees
  • The color of the turf is a little off-putting.

Hitting Mat Honorable Mentions

Most Durable Golf Hitting Mat – Wittek Mega

The Wittek Mega golf hitting mat has a very durable turf and thick foam backing. The turf is among the nappiest of the golf-hitting mats we tested. The Mega hitting mat can be used with wooden tees, too, which is a must-have feature.

Best Golf Mat for Simulator Use – The Holy Grail Hitting Mat

The versatility of the Holy Grail hitting mat for both left- and right-handed golfers and the unique hitting strip design make it great for use with your home simulator or launch monitor.

Best for Small Spaces – Me and My Golf Tri-Turf Hitting Mat

Running out of golf mat real estate? The Me and My Golf Tri-Turf hitting mat provides a good feel in an extremely compact size. The three kinds of turf allow for more specific practice, too. The “rough” portion of the mat was particularly helpful.

Golf Hitting Mats: What to Look For

Real Feel

If you want to practice how you play, then your golf mat needs to provide a real feel. The best golf-hitting mats simulate real turf to help you get the most out of your practice. Not only should they feel real but they should promote realistic turf interaction. A golf mat that allows you to bounce into the ball when hitting it fat can promote false confidence.

The golf mats with the most “real feel” are the Holy Grail and SwingTurf.


A solid golf hitting mat should be stable. It should stay put throughout the swing and on whatever surface you place it. Some mats include large stickers to keep them in place. Others rely on their weight and heft for staying power. 

The most stable mats are the Wittek Mega and Holy Grail. 


Durability and longevity are crucial aspects of choosing a hitting mat. You need the extra practice to cure that slice, right? Shot after shot, your hitting mat should maintain its feel and shape. Worn-out turf is a non-starter. 

The Holy Grail hitting mat has an interchangeable hitting strip that provides excellent longevity. As far as standard non-replaceable mats, the Wittek Mega is exceptionally durable. 

Hitting Mat Tips and Tricks

  • Finding the right mat for your space is key. Most hitting mats are offered in square form factors for more compact spaces or long strips for larger areas. 
  • Consider your local course conditions when choosing a golf mat. Some hitting mats have longer fairway cuts as opposed to others. Finding a mat that matches your go-to course provides even more purposeful practice.
  • Looking to use the same hitting mat we use at MyGolfSpy HQ? We source our mats for testing from Synthetic Turf International.

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