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Slammiversary 2023 Full Results

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IMPACT Wrestling celebrates its 21st anniversary at Slammiversary LIVE on pay-per-view from the St. Clair College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario!

The action begins on Countdown to Slammiversary streaming LIVE & FREE on YouTube, IMPACT Plus (live player) and FITE. Catch up on everything you need to know heading into the big event and witness exclusive matchups you won’t see anywhere else!

Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal vs Jody Threat & Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka)

Jessicka has Vidal reeling in the early going as he scurries to his corner. Rush chases Vidal around the ringside area but she gets caught with a big boot from Evans. Back in the ring, Vidal slaps Rush across the face before Evans continues the attack with a leg drop. Shaw delivers double knees to Rush in the corner as they cut off the ring and employ quick tags. Moments later, Rush creates some much-needed separation with a reverse neckbreaker to Evans. Threat is tagged in and she quickens the pace with a flurry of offense. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved. Shaw superkicks Jessicka but then Threat suplexes Shaw. Rush puts Vidal away with the spear for three.

Jody Threat & Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) def Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry vs Kenny King w/ Sheldon Jean – Digital Media Championship

King charges at Hendry from the opening bell. Hendry quickly turns it around as he hits a stalling vertical suplex. Jean runs into the ring, allowing King to blindside Hendry off the distraction. Jean occupies the referee’s attention as King chokes Hendry with his Chippendale’s tie. Hendry puts his strength on display as he powers out of the wear-down process from King. Hendry hits a big Fallaway Slam, then kips up to his feet. Hendry catches him in mid-air for the Standing Ovation but Jean puts King’s foot on the rope to break the pin. King inadvertently collides with Jean at ringside. Moments later, King pins Hendry with his feet on the ropes and an assist from Jean to become the new Digital Media Champion.

Kenny King w/ Sheldon Jean def Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry – NEW Digital Media Champion

IMPACT’s summer pay-per-view extravaganza, Slammiversary, is on the air!

KUSHIDA vs Alan Angels vs Jonathan Gresham vs Kevin Knight vs Mike Bailey vs Jake Something – Ultimate X

Jake Something makes his shocking return to IMPACT Wrestling and is a late addition to this Ultimate X match with the winner earning a future X-Division Title shot! Jake powerbombs Knight over the top rope into everyone on the floor. Jake takes out both Gresham and Bailey with a double clothesline. Everyone joins forces to send Jake to the outside. Gresham dives through the ropes, followed by a springboard Moonsault from Bailey to take Jake down. Angels hits a double Spanish Fly on Gresham and Bailey. Angels is high atop KUSHIDA’s shoulders when Knight dropkicks him off the apron to the floor. Bailey climbs to the top of the truss nearly 20 feet in the air and soars with a Moonsault. Bailey is about to climb across the cables when Angels stops him with a steel chair. Angels then assaults Jake with the chair. Angels is on fire as he spikes Knight with a Reverse Rana off the top. Jake climbs the cables but Angels delivers a low blow to take him down. KUSHIDA races across to retrieve the X and win the match.

KUSHIDA def Alan Angels, Jonathan Gresham, Kevin Knight, Mike Bailey & Jake Something – Ultimate X

Former Team Canada member A1 is sitting ringside tonight.

Gia Miller interviews Kenny King after he defeated Joe Hendry to become the new Digital Media Champion earlier tonight on Countdown to Slammiversary.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly – Knockouts World Tag Team Championship

Kelly hits Wilde with a pump kick in the early going before The Coven gain control. King chokes Kelly on the ropes as The Coven cut off the ring and prevent her from making the tag. King attempts a senton out of the corner but Kelly avoids it to create separation. Kelly makes the tag to Slamovich as the pace quickens. Slamovich hits Wilde with a spinning heel kick for two. Slamovich connects with another pinpoint kick on Wilde but this time it’s King who breaks the count. King sends Wilde crashing into the corner turnbuckles with a butterfly suplex. Slamovich flies halfway across the ring, taking King out of the equation with a dropkick. King bounces back with a big boot to Kelly. Wilde hits Witch’s Wrath but it’s not enough to keep Slamovich down. Kelly trips up King on the outside. Slamovich plants Wilde to win the match, awarding her team the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles.

Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly def Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) – NEW Knockouts World Tag Team Champions

Bully Ray & Deaner w/ Kon vs Scott D’Amore & Eric Young – Special Enforcer: Darren McCarty

In a jaw-dropping development, Eric Young is back from the dead and will be Scott D’Amore’s mystery partner for this tag team grudge match! D’Amore takes Deaner of his feet with a leaping leg lariat, followed by a leg drop. D’Amore and Young hit a double team death drop for an early two count on Deaner. D’Amore connects with Sky High on Deaner. D’Amore is about to hit the Canadian Destroyer when Kon gets up on the apron. McCarty plays his part as the special enforcer and backs Kon down. The referee is distracted, allowing Bully to club D’Amore in the back. Bully gets in the face of D’Amore’s mother at ringside. Bully delivers a low blow to D’Amore but Young tells the referee not to disqualify him. The referee has had enough of Bully Ray and exits the IMPACT Zone. McCarty puts on the stripes and will now act as the referee. D’Amore spears Bully out of his boots, allowing him to make the tag to Young. The tide begins to turn as Young goes on the attack. Young spikes Deaner with a Piledriver but Kon pulls McCarty out of the ring to stop the count. A1 jumps the barricade and takes out Kon with a clothesline. McCarty hits Bully with a Stunner. D’Amore gains a measure of revenge as he leaps off the top and goes low on Bully. D’Amore and McCarty then drive Bully through a table. D’Amore hits the Canadian Destroyer on Deaner, followed by a top rope elbow drop from Young to win.

Scott D’Amore & Eric Young def Bully Ray & Deaner w/ Kon – Special Enforcer: Darren McCarty

Nick Aldis vows to “open the book of the Aldis era” and defeat Alex Shelley for the IMPACT World Title tonight.

X-Division Champion Chris Sabin vs Lio Rush – X-Division Championship

Rush knocks Sabin off the apron with a handspring, followed by a dive to the outside before the opening bell. Sabin’s neck is seriously injured in the process as the ringside physician tells the referee that he should not compete. Against his advice, Sabin enters the ring and match is on. Rush hits the Final Hour but somehow, Sabin kicks out at two. Rush hits a second Final Hour to score the pinfall and become the new X-Division Champion.

Lio Rush def X-Division Champion Chris Sabin – NEW X-Division Champion

Backstage, Gia Miller catches up with IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley and questions whether the Machine Gun era is coming to an end. Shelley remains silent and walks off.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Moose & Brian Myers vs SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) w/ Dani Luna vs Rich Swann & Sami Callihan – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Swann hits Webster with a shoulder breaker, followed by a kick to the face. Swann counters a powerbomb from Moose and takes both him and Myers out with one Enzuigiri after another. Moose catches Bey in mid-air and powerbombs him into the hardest part of the ring. Myers spears Austin on the apron. Callihan tosses Webster over the top rope into a sea of humanity on the floor. Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver on Webster, followed by a rolling splash from Swann. Austin kicks Swann into a swining neckbreaker from Bey. Moose and Myers hit in-sync powerbombs on both members of ABC. Andrews takes out Moose and Myers with a double Pele kick. Moose fights back with a bicycle kick but Andrews counters into Stundog Millionaire. Bey and Swann unite to catch Moose with two mid-air cutters. ABC is about to hit 1, 2 Sweet when Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz attack them at ringside. SUBCULTURE capitalizes as Andrews soars with a Shooting Star on Myers. Andrews scores the pin and SUBCULTURE are your new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions.

SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) w/ Dani Luna def IMPACT World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey), Moose & Brian Myers and Rich Swann & Sami Callihan – NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions

Eddie Edwards w/ Alisha Edwards vs Frankie Kazarian w/ Traci Brooks

Alisha trips Kazarian from ringside, providing Edwards with the momentary advantage. Seconds later, Brooks returns the favor as she trips up Edwards. The fight spills to the outside where Edwards delivers a series of chops. Back in the ring, Edwards hits an Atomic Drop, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards wears him down for several minutes before Kazarian creates some much-needed separation. Edwards charges towards the ropes but Kazarian sidesteps, sending him crashing to the outside. Kazarian hits a slingshot Hurricanrana to the floor. Alisha rakes the back of Kazarian as he’s getting back in the ring. The distraction allows Edwards to take him down with a shot of adrenaline through the ropes. Kazarian quickens the pace as he explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Kazarian hits his signature springboard leg drop for two. Edwards almost puts Kazarian away with the Backpack Stunner but it’s not enough. Both men are down following a thunderous Superplex from Edwards. Kazarian hits the slingshot cutter for another near fall. Kazarian inadvertently collides with the referee, allowing Alisha to enter the ring with Kenda, the kendo stick. Brooks neutralizes her with a running clothesline. Edwards is tapping to the Chicken Wing but there’s no referee. Edwards blindsides him with the kendo stick, followed by the Boston Knee Party to win.

Eddie Edwards w/ Alisha Edwards def Frankie Kazarian w/ Traci Brooks

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Trinity – Knockouts World Championship

Purrazzo goes for the Fujiwara Armbar in the early going but Trinity escapes. Trinity hits a slingshot twisting crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring, Trinity hits another crossbody, this time off the top rope. Purrazzo cuts off Trinity on a springboard attempt and gains control. Trinity misses a leg drop as Purrazzo capitalizes with a low basement dropkick. Purrazzo hits a hard Irish whip into the corner. Trinity bounces back with a kick to the face, followed by a series of running clotheslines. Trinity tries to lock in Star Struck but Purrazzo quickly breaks free. Purrazzo spikes her with a Piledriver but it’s not enough to keep Trinity down. Trinity avoids Queen’s Gambit as Purrazzo hits a side Russian leg sweep instead. Purrazzo transitions into the Fujiwara Armbar but Trinity grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Trinity goes outside-in and plants Purrazzo face-first into the canvas. Trinity hits the split-legged Moonsault but Purrazzo kicks out at two. Purrazzo plants her with Queen’s Gambit on the hardest part of the ring but this time it’s Trinity who kicks out just in time. Trinity hits high-risk offense off the top, then locks in Star Struck to win by submission and become the new Knockouts World Champion.

Trinity def Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo – Knockouts World Champion

New X-Division Champion Lio Rush teams with Trey Miguel to battle Mike Bailey and Hiromu Takahashi at Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls LIVE August 20th streaming exclusively on FITE!

One week later, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Sanada will be at Emergence LIVE August 27th streaming on IMPACT Plus, YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders and FITE!

IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley vs Nick Aldis – IMPACT World Championship

The bell rings and Shelley spits water in the face of Aldis. Seconds later, Aldis powerbombs him out of the corner. Aldis locks in the Kingsley Cloverleaf but Shelley crawls to the bottom rope. Aldis hits a strong Irish whip into the corner, then continues to put his power on display. Shelley targets the right leg of Aldis as he begins to build momentum. Shelley hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip out of the corner. Aldis traps Shelley in the apron, allowing him to pummel his opponents with a series of fists. Shelley evades the attack on the outside, then sends Aldis crashing into the steel ring post. Shelley bends the fingers of Aldis around the steel of the turnbuckles. Shelley hits a big Superplex as both men exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Shelley hits Sliced Bread, then transitions into the Border City Stretch. Shelley goes for another Sliced Bread but this time, Aldis counters into a Piledriver for two. Aldis soars off the top with an elbow drop for a very close near fall. Aldis brings the IMPACT World Title into the ring. The referee is removing the belt when Aldis delivers a low blow. Aldis spikes him into the mat but it’s not enough to keep Shelley down. Shelley hits a DDT on the title, followed by Shellshock to win.

IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley def Nick Aldis – IMPACT World Championship

Alex Shelley is celebrating his victory when former IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander makes his return from injury. Alexander goes face to face with Shelley and says “I’m back”.

Slammiversary goes off the air.