WARSTIC 2021 HAWK2 USSSA Metal Baseball BAT




Price: $249.00
(as of Jul 31,2021 19:41:13 UTC – Details)

Available in -5, -8 and -10 The 2021 Hawk2 USSSA Metal Baseball Bat is all about generating max whip and delivering power. It’s a durable one-piece, full aluminum bat designed to last many battles. When it’s time to deliver a big blow for your squad, your confidence at the plate will soar with Hawk2. The power is there for you to harness and deliver. A truly end-loaded bat with a loud, thunderous, wood bat like “crack” sound that is great for players soon to be transitioning from metal to wood.

Power loaded end cap has a thunderous, low-pitched, wood bat crack sound
Wood bat balanced
The front of the Hawk2 is all business with a clean, black bat and only our Warstripes as a focusing mark. The back features the 2021 updated arrow graphic, with its gradient pattern of gray to black accentuating the feel of the loading of the end of the barrel visually.
Solid one piece single wall aluminum bat built from end-loaded 243 Wood bat profile (the best selling power hitters focused pro wood bat model of all time with huge barrel diameter, thin handle & tapered knob)


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