Soul of Erie: Sports in the City by the Lake




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Sports run as deeply in the DNA of Erie, Pennsylvania as the multi-foot snowfalls for which the city is known. Erie, a town just shy of 100,000 people — tucked in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania as a meeting point between Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo — has produced a plethora of renowned athletes, coaches and teams over the decades. Soul of Erie: Sports in the City by the Lake compiles first-person accounts and third-person narratives that document the formidable spirit, undeniable grit and enduring soul of Erie. The tales in these pages are as nuanced as the city and its surrounding areas. Erie basketball star Keith Nies encounters Kobe Bryant in a state championship game. Local boxer-turned-lawyer Ron DiNicola travels the globe as the attorney for and close friend of Muhammad Ali. Erie native Kelly Patterson triumphs in motherhood by inspiring her sons, Glen, Richard, Michael and James Conner, to athletic and academic excellence. These stories and so many more illustrate the extraordinary character of Erie. Soul of Erie was written by Erie natives and residents, and its heartfelt, relatable tales both honor and transcend Erie by underscoring the values that connect us all.


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