Seigla Yoga Wheel Basic 12″ Perfect Backbends, Poses and Balance Trainers – Stretch Your Back, Chest and Spine




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seigla yoga wheel athletics pose bend back propseigla yoga wheel athletics pose bend back prop

Deepen your stretches, increase your flexibility, strengthen sore and tired muscles, and conquer the most difficult poses with the essential Seigla fitness wheel.

Here at Seigla, we like to think your body is a temple and your best friend. Our love of the beautiful places and souls in the world inspires us to create the absolute best tools to help yogis worldwide reach their fitness goals.

Our yoga wheel was dreamed up and designed for yoga lovers at every stage in their journey, from beginners just finding their footing to master yogis with years of ever-evolving experience looking to add the most advanced poses to their repertoire. We created a prop whose pure simplicity facilitates incredible results. Thousands of Seigla customers have been amazed by what their bodies could accomplish with the support of our thoughtfully designed, soulfully crafted yoga wheel.

Melt away tension and stress to keep the focus where it matters: on your breath, your practice, yourself.

One powerful wheel unlocks a multitude of benefits for your body:

Increase muscle and spine flexibility Strengthen core and muscles Improve balance and fluidity Opens chest to increase lung capacity Release pressure from common pain points: shoulders, hips, chest, and back Graduate to advanced poses

seigla yoga wheel stretching for backbends and wheel posesseigla yoga wheel stretching for backbends and wheel poses

seigla yoga gym backbridge bends seigla yoga gym backbridge bends

We believe in you.
Achieve poses you never thought possible with safety and ease, thanks to the gentle assistance of the Seigla yoga wheel. We are the support and guidance you need to push past the limits that have held you back so far, and propel your practice to a new level. We love the sense of accomplishment and rush of endorphins that comes with nailing a new pose, and intend to bring the magic of that feeling to your practice.

seigla yoga wheel backbends prop accessoryseigla yoga wheel backbends prop accessory

We believe in us.

We are passionate about yoga, fitness, and helping people everywhere astound themselves with their own accomplishments. Our TPE injection process is 4x stronger than all other PVC wheels, which can bend or crack over time, and is stress tested up to 600 lbs. Plus, the hybrid foam exterior is naturally anti-bacterial and sweat resistant, and free from toxic chemicals and dyes. We stand by our passion project and know our customers love it, too.

seigla yoga athletica backbends prop wheel poseseigla yoga athletica backbends prop wheel pose

We believe in responsibility.

At Seigla, we honor the notion of living in harmony with the Earth, and adhere to the principles of satya (truthfulness) and asteya (righteousness) that yoga was founded upon. We are committed to 100% transparency, being clear and honest about the decisions we make, and, most importantly, where we have room to improve.

IMPROVE YOUR YOGA – Melt away tension and stress on our yoga wheel designed to help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. Every Seigla yoga wheel includes a full-color poster manual with over 20+ poses with instructions.
SOULFULLY ENGINEERED – No other yoga wheel is built with the precision and passion of Seigla. Designed by yogis and loved by teachers worldwide, carefully-selected materials are paired with thoughtful design for the tiniest environmental footprint possible. The result? High performance products with an even higher purpose – to keep the focus on your practice.
INVEST WELL & PRACTICE A LIFETIME– Every Seigla yoga wheel is stress-tested to support up to 600lbs. Our TPE plastic is much stronger than other traditional PVC yoga wheels which can crack and bend over time. We guarantee for life each Seigla yoga wheel from cracking or bending so you can focus on practicing your yoga training with ease, safety and much needed support.
GOOD DHARMA– Our yoga wheel features a hybrid TPE foam which is naturally hygienic so you can always feel clean and comfortable using our yoga wheel even in the most rigorous and demanding classes. All our yoga wheels are free of dyes and phthalates.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Praised by customers and yoga studios worldwide. We back each Seigla yoga wheel with a lifetime warranty and a 60 day 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed.


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