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Product Description

Passback FootballPassback Football

Passback PumpkinPassback Pumpkin

The Passback Story

The Passback Football was invented by Mike McGonigle in 1993. While watching a football game on Halloween he noticed a goofy looking pumpkin staring at him. The pumpkin’s wide smile seemed to be daring Mike to pick it up. Mike proceeded to chuck it at the wall and it came back to him in a slight spiral. When he returned home he began lopping his old nerf balls into flat footballs. These, like the pumpkin, came spiraling back when he tossed them against a wall. Thus, the Passback was born.

In the mid 1990’s, Hasbro introduced a nerf version of the Passback Football under the name Turbo Blast-Back.
The modern Passback looks like a normal football cut in half with a rubber pad on the blunt end.
Now available in composite leather or rubber, the Passback has the same weight, feel and stitching of a regulation football.

Passback Throw

Passback Throw



Material Type

Material Type

Passback Social

Passback Social

Unique Training Tool

The Passback Football is a one of a kind training tool which is thrown like a regulation football but engineered to hit a surface and come spiraling back.

Sizing Guideline

Peewee | Ages 4-8

Junior | Ages 9-13

Official | Ages 14+

Pro | Ages 14+

Material Options

Foam | soft material is gentle on little athletes’ bodies.

Composite (synthetic leather) | weather resistant and durable.

Rubber | weather resistant and affordable.

Training Resources

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HOW IT WORKS. The flat end of the Passback Football allows it to bounce right back to you. Throw the blunt end against a hard surface and it comes spiraling back! No need for expensive rebounder nets or throwing machines.
QUARTERBACKS. Improve passing accuracy, distance, and velocity while increasing arm strength and creating muscle memory. The Passback Football is an innovative training tool that enables you to double the number of reps than in a standard game of catch.
RECEIVERS. Improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, and agility while increasing body control, endurance, and stamina. Add the Passback Football to your practice regimen to gain a competitive edge on your opponents.
ALL SKILL LEVELS. From peewees to pros, the Passback Football helps elevate your game in every phase of your football career. Practice on your own time, at your own pace. 3 sizes available: Peewee (Ages 4-8), Junior (Ages 9-13), and Official (Ages 14+).
WARRANTY. 60 days from delivery confirmation. Be sure to lubricate your pump needle when inflating the Passback Football to reduce the possibility of valve malfunction. Ships deflated. Ball pump not included.


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