Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House – Brown




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Bats are in danger of losing their habitats around the world. Without places to perch these bats are at risk. With the help of Outer Trails , these creatures can have their own habitats. Hand crafted from cedar wood and weatherproofed, this bat house will withstand all types of weather from heat to snow to rain. Our bat houses are pre-assembled and easy to install with the mounting hook on the back. Install your house at least 12 feet above the ground giving your bat easy access from their natural soaring pattern. Try and mount in a location that gets at least 5 hours of sunlight a day but is shielded from wind. Do not disturb roosting bats and allow several months for bats to discover your bat house.

Easy to Install: Our pre-assembled bat house is a secure habitat to keep bats dry and comfortable during their sleeping hours. This house comes pre-assembled and easy to install with it’s sturdy hook on the back and can be secured to houses, trees and other locations
Multiple Color Options Available: Be sure to choose the bat house color that is right for your temperature zone to create the ideal environment for your bats.
Ideal Roosting Space: No need to summon the bats to your house. If you install your house at a good height off the ground, away from potential predators, bats will come on their own. Bats naturally search for new places to roost every night. The space of our bat house allows for a full colony to roost, and has grooved interiors for them to hang on to. Try and hang your house in an area that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day and some shade at some point as well.
SIZE: 11″ L x 9.2″ H x 4.5″ W


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