Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime (-10) 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat Series




Price: $349.89
(as of Aug 03,2021 13:08:17 UTC – Details)

2020 Louisville Slugger Prime -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBP9B1020 Swing into the new season with this ready-for-action Louisville Slugger Prime baseball bat, approved for use in USA Baseball leagues. With a new cap, barrel, and shock resistance engineering, this bat has the ability to carry that average over the .300 mark and into an MVP season. Bat Benefits Take some strong at bats with this new Louisville Slugger. It comes equipped with Premium AVC Microform Composite technology, which provides a thick, reliable and dynamic sweet spot on the barrel. Crank that through the zone, helped by the new balanced swing weight. This comes in handy as this bat clocks in at -10 drop weight, making it light enough for young players to swing with confidence. Even if you can’t muscle up with the biggest of players, choking up on the VCX Vibration Control Connection System keeps the kinetic energy off contact in the barrel of the bat and away from those gloved hands. This connection system offers one of the most cutting-edge two-piece construction and gives you the confidence to swing for yard on every fat meatball coming down the pipe. On contact, you will find the pop you desire, too. The patented Premium RTX end cap optimizes the barrel of the bat, making it easier to punch through that sweet spot more often. And while amplifying those power numbers, you can securely step to the plate again and again, knowing that the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip will keep those hands soft and agile throughout the season. Warranty Louisville Slugger comes with a one-year guarantee for damaged or otherwise defective baseball bats.

Premium vac Microform composite barrel with optimized sweet spot and swing weight
Three-piece design featuring Vex vibration control connection system – a patented Elastomeric connection that allows independent movement between the barrel and the handle to control vibration and provide unmatched feel on contact
SB turbine composite end cap gives players greater swing speed and control
Balanced swing weight for the ultimate combination of speed and power
Premium LS pro comfort grip for the perfect mix of tack and cushion


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