Instructional Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap: Cute Yoga Mat with 75 Illustrated Yoga Poses + 75 Easily-Followed Stretching Exercises – 1/4” Thick, Non-Toxic, Non-Slip Yoga Mats for Women and Men




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Product Description

Instructional Yoga Mat


Learn Yoga Your Way

Are you searching for a way to learn yoga at your own pace with easy-to-follow poses and exercises?

Do you want to supplement what you’re learning in class without constantly watching videos?

Have you tried other yoga mats that were hard on your knees or came apart after rigorous use?


Teach Yourself Poses and Exercises in Complete Comfort with this Instructional Yoga Mat from Grand Basics!

Measuring 68” x 24” x 1/4”, this mat is ideal for yoga beginners and experts, men and women alike. It features 75 yoga poses printed on the front (purple) side with both English and Asana names, and 75 easy-to-follow stretching exercises illustrated on the back (blue) side.

¼” extra thick for superior cushioning
Helpful poses to follow in and out of class
Illustrated stretches to limber up
Non-toxic, non-slip construction
Included strap for easy carrying


Learn Yoga Anywhere

Use the exercises illustrated on the back of the mat to stretch your muscles and loosen your joints prior to performing your yoga routines. When it’s time, flip the mat over and use the printed poses as a reminder during class or to help you learn on your own.

Perfect your pose without the need to look up
Practice positions above and beyond your classes
Be sure you’re ready for yoga with extensive stretches
Throw your mat over your shoulder for yoga anywhere







Take Your Yoga to the Park

It’s often more invigorating to perform your yoga outside in the fresh air. The included strap lets you bring your mat anywhere you like.


Often, it’s more difficult to complete a pose if you constantly need to look at your instructor for guidance. Now you can pose properly by simply looking down at your mat.

Give the Gift of Yoga

Know someone who could benefit from the flexibility, energy and concentration that yoga engenders? Start them on their journey with this handy, comfortable and well-made instruction mat from Grand Basics!


yoga matyoga mat

Yoga Your Way – Whether you’re teaching yourself the basics or you need a way to follow a class without constantly staring at your instructor, this non-toxic, non-slip 68”x24” yoga mat with poses and exercises printed on it is your ultimate companion as you strive to become a more complete yogi.
Cushioned Comfort – At a quarter of an inch thick as opposed to the 5mm thickness of many other yoga mats for men and women, the Grand Basics instructional mat is easy on the knees, tailbone, and those other areas where a bit of extra thickness goes a long way toward providing the support you need to maintain poses and complete stretches in maximum comfort.
Take It With You – Yoga mats for women thick enough to provide appropriate cushioning can be annoying to carry under your arm. That’s why we include this handy strap that allows you to toss it over your shoulder and head off to class. This makes it much easier to travel with your cool yoga mat if you need to take public transit to reach your yoga destination.
Colorful Quality – With different colors on each side, this women’s yoga mat is as cute as it is functional. Its non-toxic, eco-friendly SGS Certified PVC construction will hold up to rigorous exercise session after session. Any odor it exhibits fresh out of the packaging will quickly dissipate.
Yoga For All – Whether you’re new to yoga or you know someone who is, this mat is an excellent on-ramp to this elegant form of physical and spiritual exercise. If you’re not thrilled with its performance, we’re a few clicks away to make it right with a prompt refund or replacement. Click Buy Now and master key poses and exercises in complete comfort and safety!


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