Nia Jax Returns To WWE On Raw, Levels Out Rodriguez And Ripley

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She’s not like most girls, and she is back. Nia Jax returns to WWE on the Sept. 11 episode of Monday Night Raw.

In the main event booked was a rematch from Payback as Rhea Ripley defended the Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez had lost her match against Ripley at Payback thanks to interference by Dominik Mysterio. So this time Dom Dom was banned from ringside.

The final moments of the match had Rodriguez and Ripley on the outside. Rodriguez was in control and hurled Ripley into the commentator’s desk. Once Ripley was rolled back into the ring, Nia Jax made her return and took out Rodriguez. This allowed Ripley to get the victory and retain her title. Jax would enter the ring and share a glance and some words with Ripley before taking her out as well. The crowd gave huge heat and boos to Jax’s return and attack.

The last time we saw Jax was in the Royal Rumble back in January. She was let go from WWE in 2021.

Elsewhere on Raw, Chelsea Green was looking for yet another tag team partner. Stating that Piper Niven was not medically cleared, she tried to get Shayna Baszler to be her partner. Green said they were on the same level. Baszler wanted none of it and challenged her to a match later in the night. When Green turned around she ran into Niven who was back and cleared.

The match between Green and Baszler was super quick but Baszler would have words with Niven. Baszler picked up the win with Piper’s Pit (renamed something else now).

Post match, Niven and Green went after Baszler before Zoey Stark came rushing down to help. The two started forming a bond last week out of respect when Baszler defeated Stark.

Lastly, there was a contract signing in Adam Pearce’s office between Becky Lynch and the NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton. Good exchange between both ladies as they face off tomorrow night in the NXT main event with the gold on the line.

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