Mance Warner Is Definitely A Shower Dodger

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Matt Cardona is sticking with the same formula — win, and shower after matches.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Matt Cardona, who will make his MLW in-ring debut against Mance Warner at Fury Road on September 3. The match carries a “Kiss My Foot” stipulation, where Warner would have to kiss MSL’s foot if he loses. That stipulation has been used in the past, most (in)famously in Jerry Lawler’s feud with Bret Hart. However, Cardona says he’s treating it like a regular match because he won’t be the one to eat da’ feet.

“Well, the kiss my foot stipulation, I think that has more to do with MSL and Mance than me,” Matt Cardona said. “I have no real beef with Mance, but it’s just a regular match. It’s not like we’re wrestling barefoot. The loser has to kiss the other’s foot. So I’m going in there with the same mentality as always — win,. Because I’m all about buzz, money, gold. There’s no titles on the line in this match, but if I can beat Mance in my MLW debut, you have to assume that there will be title opportunities in my future.”

“I’m very clean. Mance for sure is definitely a shower dodger. I’ve seen Mance in the locker rooms. I’m a WWE guy, right? So I need to shower after my matches. And the fact that a lot of these venues don’t have showers, it makes me sick, so I cannot wait to get back to the hotel and take a nice shower.

“But some of these guys, I question if they shower at all. They smell, they stink. You know they’re wearing the same gear night after night after night. Only have one set, not investing in themselves. Not me. You’ll never see back or wear the same gear twice in a loop unless I have two of the same pairs.”

More gold in Matt Cardona’s future?

When asked if he sees himself capturing a championship in MLW soon, Cardona joked about how many titles he already has right now.

“You got to see my closet floor right now. There’s just so many titles on the floor,” Matt Cardona said. “I honestly couldn’t even tell you how many there are. Seven? Eight? Not sure. It’s been pretty cool, this belt collector run. I took that Ultimo Dragon-like picture last year, and then this year have even more.

“I think the greatest title ever right now is technically, if you want to get technical, I am now half of half the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. But now, since Chelsea is now a two-time champion, I’m technically a two-time half of half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions, so I’m very, very proud of that accomplishment.”

You can check out our complete interview with Matt Cardona in the embedded video below.

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