Kenya: Golden Girl Moraa Reveals Reason Behind Her Signature Jig

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Budapest — Kenya’s Mary Moraa has for the first time opened up on how she uses her post-race jig to offer her fans bonus entertainment.

Strutting her stuff on the track in the wake of her maiden 800m World Championships gold in Budapest, Moraa became a darling of fans for her dance moves moments after she jumped over the finish line to celebrate the medal and a personal best of 1:56.03.

“I started this victory dance at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, when I won the 800m gold. It has become my signature dance whenever I win races,” she expounded.

“After every hard-fought victory, I give my fans something extra so that when they hear of my races, they can keep abreast with results. This is a mannerism I have borrowed from Ezekiel Kemboi, also known for his entertaining post-event jigs.”

-Gold Flabbergasts Moraa-

Prior to her dancing antics, Moraa admits that her scintillating medal performance came to her as a pleasant surprise!

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” quipped the new women’s 800m champion, who candidly admitted she had been disquieted by the presence of world-beating runners prior to the final.

“I was surprised with the gold. All finalists ran a good race. At some point in the race, I was asking myself hard questions-who among us will take the medals at stake? But after the homestretch drama I found myself skipping the finish line,” Moraa, the Diamond League winner said.

Asked what was going through her mind after the starter’s gun, Moraa went on: “(Athing) Mu was the first one off the blocks, so when she raced ahead of the pack, I thought she wanted to make the race go faster. So, I decided to run behind her but when I did so, I saw Keely pushing harder from behind. It was like I used lane two throughout the race. But it was in the last 150m that I decided to attack.”