John Askey takes aim at the National League after Hartlepool suffer huge blow

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John Askey takes aim at the National League after Hartlepool United suffer huge blow confirming long term injuries to players.

Pools discovered this week that defender Dan Dodds and midfielder Anthony Mancini are now to miss the rest of the season after getting injured across the Bank Holiday weekend.

The club played two games within 48 hours, with Dodds, who had a heavy challenge in his side’s 3-1 win against Fylde, then Mancini had to be taken off in Hartlepool’s defeat at Chesterfield.

Dodds picked up an ACL injury with the 22-year-old likely to be out for around a year.

Mancini meanwhile suffered a severe hamstring injury and he is expected to be unavailable for at least six months, meaning he is also likely to miss the rest of the season.

“It looks as though they’ll both be out for the season so it’s a massive blow for the football club,” confirmed Askey, as per Hartlepool Mail.

“With Dan it’s his ACL. It was a foul on him late in the game and his ankle slipped and that’s caused his knee to go one way and his thigh to go the other and that’s caused his ACL.

“And with Anthony it’s his hamstring, but it’s come away so I can’t see it being sooner than six months which is virtually the season, so it’s not good news because both players had given the club a massive lift with the way that we play.”

“That’s the reason why it’s happened. There’s not only me who has spoken about it, there’s other managers have as well,” said Askey.

“It’s ridiculous you have to play again within less than 48 hours and that’s the reason why what’s happened has happened.

“You should be able to sue the league for what’s happened really. You talk about taking care of players, the league aren’t doing that.

“In this day in age you shouldn’t be playing within less than two days of a game.

“It’s devastating because both of them are at that age now where they’re coming good and we’d probably see the best of them.

“Anthony has come in and he’s given everybody a lift, the whole football club, so to lose him is a big blow and Doddsy as well, there’s not many players like him at any level really who can travel with the ball as well from a centre-half position.

“So it’s something we’ll have to change a little bit with how we play, but we still have to be positive when we go out there.

He added: “It’s very difficult to know what to say to them really other than that we’re there to support them and to make sure they get the best treatment available and that they’re looked after.

“They’re both young enough that they’ve got good careers ahead of them so when they do come back I’m sure there’ll be plenty more years in them left to play for Hartlepool.

“I’m really disappointed for the two of them. They’re both young lads who have started the season off really well and they looked as though they were really enjoying it, the supporters were enjoying watching them and I was enjoying watching them.

“They’re a big part of the team so to lose them at this stage of the season is a big blow. But it gives other people opportunities and we just have to work that little bit harder and it’s up to other people to come in and step up to the mark now.

“We have to just do it for them now as such and hopefully achieve something this season.”

Here’s what fans said as John Askey takes aim at the National League after Hartlepool suffer huge blow

@JackCBCx: Questions have to be asked of the league thou. To finish playing at home at 7pm on a Saturday to be away to chesterfield on the Monday at 3pm. 44 hours between them!!

@footydevotion: As well as being arguably our two most important players and this being a massive blow to our NL campaign. They are also two young players who will hopefully bounce back from this and have long successful careers. Good luck with the recovery lads.

@Shakyshakes1980: Absolutely devastating news for the club but particularly for both players. All the best with the recovery to the lads. Need reinforcements in now.

@stublackett: Just our luck that! Ref didn’t even see it as a foul on Dodds in the Fylde game either. Wish them both a speedy recovery. Hoping we see some arrivals to plug the huge gaps these 2 will leave

@OTDHUFC: Absolutely devastated for the pair of them, truly can’t fault their efforts over the last four weeks. We’ll miss them both because they’re huge assets to the team. Wishing them both the best in their recovery.

@MbwLdurham: This is such bad news for the team, I am speechless, we can hope Mancini doesn’t suffer any set backs, and comes back in March at some point for the run in… important now we get players on asap

@DanielHustler6: Wishing you a speedy, safe recovery lads! Absolutely devastating for you, the club and for the fans! Two absolute key players who will be missed massively. Let’s hope John can get a few in to cover. Even if it’s loans!

@PGloverOfficial: Jesus Christ. We’ve got no luck. Surely the league has something to answer for regarding Mancini? Two games in less then 2 days.

@DavidOsb94: Jesus! There’s bad and then there’s this! Good luck to the lads in their recoveries