I Need To Do What’s Right For Me

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Will Ospreay shares his thoughts on his future as his potential free agency is on the horizon.

Ospreay, one of the top stars in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, could hit the open market in February 2024, as his contract is set to expire. He has previously said that he expects to reach an agreement with NJPW. However, the former world champion has also said he is open to all options.

Speaking with NJPW’s website, Ospreay reflected on his match at AEW All In. He also addressed his looming free agency and encouraged everyone to enjoy the show. Ospreay stated that he can’t wait to see what his future holds.

“A lot of people in wrestling have done Wembley Arena, but not many can say they’ve done Wembley Stadium. I don’t even work (in AEW), but I walked in there against the first ever AEW World Champion, in front of all those people, and I came out victorious.

“That puts me on a much higher platform, because everybody’s eyes are on me. What’s Will Ospreay going to do next, what’s he doing, what’s he thinking? I just say, enjoy the show. This, right now is my time, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.”

Will Ospreay was then asked to describe how big of a role Japan and Japanese fans have in his consideration of his future. He stated that he has grown a lot in Japan, and while his priorities have shifted, Japan is still part of them. Ospreay noted that he knows he’s a top guy in NJPW, but his price has gone up.

“This country has been a part of my growth as an adult,” Will Ospreay said. “It means a lot to me as well to see Callum (Newman) come to Japan as a 21 year old boy and be an apprentice to the United Empire, learning the trade. I came here as a 22 year old kid, and I’ve been able to grow here.

“I know that I’ve failed countless times, either here on front of you and on social media, but Japan has allowed me to get back up, and to mature, and become the best wrestler in the world. My priorities have shifted, and that doesn’t mean that Japan isn’t included anymore. It means I have a family and they need me right now. So my value has gone up, and my price has gone up. I know I’m a top guy, but it needs to be more.”

Will Ospreay Wants Respect

When asked whether he meant “more money” regarding his price, Will Ospreay stated that was part of it. He also made it clear that he wants more respect. Ospreay noted that he is open to all options, and he’s not limited.

“More money, but more respect as well,” Will Ospreay said. “Why am I not in the world title picture? United Empire are top sellers at the box office and in the merch store, so it’s time for that respect to come to all of us.

“This place means so much to me, and one of these days I’ll get a tattoo of Ryogoku because I lived near there so long- I’m not saying I’m moving on, but I need to do what’s right for me, and when I say I’m open to all options that doesn’t mean I’m limited to anything, it means I’m open for everything.”

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