Extreme Rules Match Set For NXT No Mercy

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An Extreme Rules Match has been booked for the upcoming NXT No Mercy event on Sept. 30. It will be Becky Lynch defending the NXT Women’s Title against the woman she won it from, Tiffany Stratton.

Lynch kicked off the Sept. 19 episode of NXT. In her promo she named several competitors she seems to want to share the ring with down the road. She then turned her attention to Stratton who would interrupt The Man. Stratton demanded her rematch and said she wanted it tonight. But she was just trolling with the crowd and said she wanted it on a bigger stage at No Mercy.

Lynch had no issue with when and where for the rematch but the two would end up getting physical after trading some more words. Kiana James emerged and sided with Stratton on the beat down to Lynch. Moments later backstage, Lynch interrupted an interview to say she would take on both Stratton and James in a handicap match in the main event.

Before we got to the main event, Lola Vice took on Roxanne Perez. A good showing for Vice who took it to Perez more than The Prodigy would have thought. In the end though, Perez picked up the win. Later in the night, Perez approached Lynch in the locker room.

Lynch gave a lot of praise to Perez which prompted Perez to offer herself as a tag team partner so Lynch didn’t have to face Stratton/James alone. Lynch appreciated the offer but noticed that Perez needed to go ice her shoulder.

In the main event, Lynch was jumped by Stratton/James on the ramp. The match wouldn’t start until after Lyra Valkyria came out to even the numbers. We now had a tag team match. The final moments would witness a ManHandle Slam from Lynch followed by a splash from the top rope by Valkyria to get the pin and the win.

Post match, Stratton brought in a steel chair and took out both Lynch and Valkyria. As Stratton left the ring, Lynch grabbed a mic and declared their match at No Mercy to be an Extreme Rules bout.

Jacy Jayne took Thea Hail shopping for new clothes. There was a lot of leather.

We also got a match next week between Blair Davenport and Gigi Dolin.

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