Coco Gauff Harks Back to Billie Jean King’s Immaculate Contribution to Tennis as She Reaps Rewards From the Historic 50-Year-Old Revolution

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Back in the day, gender inequality in tennis used to be rampant. Then came the rebellion and its instigator, Billie Jean King, who transformed the course of the game. With her invaluable efforts, she was finally able to bring equality to the game where men and women were paid equally. Even to date, the legendary American stands against any inequalities and is quick to raise her voice. Seeing the immense contributions that King put in, current tennis pros, including the likes of Coco Gauff are reaping the reward that she fought hard for.

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In a recent revelation, the current US Open champion Coco Gauff gave her opinion on the impact Billie Jean King had on the sport. With nothing but immense respect, she highlighted the changes that were possible in the sports due to King.

Coco Gauff pays tribute to Billie Jean King for her contributions to bring equality


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Coco Gauff, the upcoming tennis sensation, recently spoke about the impact of Billie Jean King on the sport. Gauff gave tribute to a legend who forever changed women’s tennis. In the interview, Coco said that it is just because of the legendary King that all the players in the WTA have everything that they need in the present scenario.

Not only this, in her statements, Coco Gauff also went ahead to mention that at a time when all the odds were against King, she fought till the very end to make sure that justice was served. Even today, Gauff’s efforts to stand against social injustice are known.

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“Bille Jean King fought for the prize money for women’s tennis and what she has done is incredible. She took a stance on something where the odds were completely against her. If you look at everything that we have today, it all came from someone like her,” said Coco Gauff while paying tribute to King for her efforts to bring equality to the sport.

Thus, her advocacy for gender equality has left a huge mark on society, inspiring future generations to stand up for what is right. However, this is not the first time that Billie Jean King has been given recognition for her immense contribution to the sport. Time and again, the efforts pulled in by the American great have been brought to light.

Billie Jean King gets a dollar doodle for championing equality in tennis

A few months back, Billie Jean King was honored for her efforts to bring equality to the sport. The American legend, back in the days, signed a $1 contract along with nine other players, which eventually led to the formation of WTA. To honor her for all the impact that she has had on the sport, she received a dollar doodle which had her photo along with 9 other female players who joined hands with King to support her for a good cause.


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Thus, Billie Jean King has had a tremendous impact on the sport. Had it not been for her, the sport would probably have still fought for gender-related issues. Also, Coco Gauff’s comments on the matter reflect the tribute and the admiration that she, as a player, has for her.


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Even at this age, Billie Jean King continues to fight for issues that become a barrier to the growth of women, as she believes in equality. What are your views on this? Do you think Billie Jean King was able to make an impact on the sport? Do let us know in the comments!

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