Backstage News On Serena Deeb Being Off AEW TV

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Serena Deeb has not had a match on AEW TV in nearly a year. Her last match was an Elevation match on Oct. 18 taping from 2022. So what has been going on?

There have been two different sides to the story. According to both Fightful Select and the Wrestling Observer, there were AEW sources who have said there was a serious disagreement between Deeb and management last year that led to her being off television.

Fightful Select adds, that they were told of Deeb being very vocal about her use on AEW TV, and especially the time that she was given. Those familiar with the situation claimed that it entered the area of disrespect, as she’d accused Tony Khan and AEW management of cutting the time for her matches without telling her until they got to the ring.

From AEW’s side of things was that they actually got a list of times and showed Deeb that her time wasn’t cut based on what was originally budgeted. It is a normal occurrence for producers and coaches in wrestling companies to not relay times for matches until their finalized, as to prevent wrestlers from being upset when inevitable cuts actually happen.

Those close to Deeb say they haven’t heard this story directly from her, but it is one that several members of the AEW roster and others in the company has heard, but it led to a situation where she had heat. 

The other side of what Fightful has been told is that Deeb has been suffering from a long term injury. Deeb has told people that she’s dealt with a serious injury and is working to get cleared.

If anything else is reported, Diva Dirt will provide an update.