AEW Claims New Pro Wrestling Attendance Record At All In London

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AEW All In is set to go down in Wembley Stadium on August 27th, and fans are preparing to pack the world-famous venue for the historic show. This will live on for some time to come, and it turns out that they broke a record in the process.

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During the AEW All In London show, it was announced that the event claimed 81,035 fans were in attendance. This was a new pro wrestling record, and they celebrated in a big way in Wembley Stadium.

Wrestle Tix noted earlier in the day that there were 1,265 tickets left for AEW All In London. That is interesting, because the closing number last night was 1,714 tickets. That seems to indicate that AEW moved 500 tickets overnight, but it was noted that those seats could have just been removed.

1,714 was the closing number at 9PM last night which would suggest close to another 500 tickets have moved (I have no reason to believe they took away other seats on the map at this point).

Things to look for:

Do they bring back some of the upper decks (on the west end of the map) back if they get the available count under 700-800ish?

Can they sell the rest of those upper right 100s?

What kind of walk-up happens? As long as the map stays up, I will be able to capture those.

This is an interesting thing to note. it appears that AEW was able to sell a lot more tickets.

You may check out the two seating chart images below. The first is the chart from last night, where they had 500 additional seats. The second is the most recent screenshot of the available seats in Wembley Stadium.

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